The Bell

Ben —  November 28, 2013 — 1 Comment

This bell has rung over 50,000 times.

Each time this bell rings, it is…

…representing growth
…representing a faith-filled culture and workplace
…representing no fear for my job from one day to the next
…representing some pretty amazing corporate principles
…representing a time of bringing me out of a 60+ hour workweek, to a family-friendly 9-5
…representing industry-leading products
…representing a standard of leadership excellence
…representing a vacation schedule which allowed me to serve abroad
…representing one of the coolest easter eggs on a website
…representing a pretty awesome acronym and logo
…representing almost 5 years of stable employment
…representing prayers before every company meeting
…representing lifelong friends

This bell… will remind me of the many, many thanks I owe to the amazing people who support me, helping to make my next adventure in doing something I love for a living possible.

Thank you, Hope Industrial Systems.

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  1. they have been awesome and we also thank them

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