Stay Awake

Ben —  November 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

You are talking, and I am listening.

This doesn’t happen too often, for I am either preoccupied or you do not have the desire.

The stories that you are sharing, regardless of what you might think, they are not completely foreign to me but they are things that I happen to read just in passing at the end caps or through twitter. They are definitely things I would not normally care to research on my own.

You are talking so much, and I am just sitting here thinking how lucky am I that I get to sit here and hear everything that you think about, that makes you happy or sad, giddy or mad.

You are sharing everything that is circling around in your thoughts, and I love every minute of it.

I don’t know how much longer I have to experience this with you, so I need to hang on to this time with every fiber of my being. Especially in the coming years. My guess is that these times will become far and few in between, until eventually you will have found somebody else lucky enough to share.

Am I going to just be another person of whom which you only talk to when you need something? Or are you still going to share with your dreams and desires, and stories of love, laughter and excitement?

I guess the amount of time that we have already shared together is short compared to what is yet to come…

…and I feel that I may have wasted a majority of that time.

So for now, I’ll stay awake just to hear you speak.

Not just this one time, but every time.

For as long as I can.

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