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Ben —  November 29, 2009 — Leave a comment

Madi: “Dad, can I come in?”
Me: “No, I’m changing”
Madi: “So”

(on our way to church)
Kiss and Madi singing “2 dollar Bills” by Death On 2 Wheels.

(During Worship Service)
@feeband singing Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song, first in their regular voices, and then in chipmunk voices! Special voice effects rock.

(2 small group leaders in our 5th grade upstreet rooom)
Girl A: “I’m SO happy Georgia won last night, it totally made my week.”
Girl B: “I know, too bad the rest of the season stunk, Logan looks good for next year though.”
Girl A: “Who?”
Girl B: “uh, nevermind.”

(While watching the Titans last drive, last play with .06 seconds left vs the Cardinals)
Announcer: “TOUCHDOWN!!!”
Jackson: *big cheesy smile*

The end.

What, you want some?

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