Some Shots on Washington’s Birthday

Ben —  February 23, 2011 — 34 Comments

Kiss taking a break from the tire swing

This past Monday was George Washington’s birthday, or President’s day, a 3 day weekend for us all and we had nothing planned other than a few soccer games and our first meeting for our mission trip. We pretty much hung out at the house, and went to the park. So naturally, I whipped out the good ‘ole 20D and tortured my children with a 50mm lens in their face.

Here are some shots I took (click to view):

What did you do over the 3 day weekend? (if you had one)

Also, along with pretty much chillaxin the whole weekend, Andy Stanley concluded his Big Church series which you can watch here. I can’t even recommend one message over the other (out of 6), but there are pretty brief descriptions of each should that help in deciding.

I’d go with all of them, but that’s just me.

34 responses to Some Shots on Washington’s Birthday

  1. Dude, those pics are amazing.

  2. Ben, you have some seriously cute kids. Well done, and great pictures.

    Today I am concluding my 5 day weekend. No, I am not rubbing it in.

    • Thanks Dustin, thanks to Kim they were lucky enough to get her genes.

      5 days? AND I just read that Jen said you had TRI-TIP?! You’re killing me smalls! Don’t you think it’s funny that nobody here (GA) even knows what that cut is?

      I need to go to Costco and get me some. Now.

  3. Great shots of the family. What kind of camera do you have?

    I didn’t have a 3 day weekend, but I’m glad it’s already Wednesday.

    Andy Stanley’s Big Church series is incredible. Still catching up on podcasts, but I got through the first 3 and was blown away.

    • I have a very old Canon 20D, sold about $2,000 worth of lenses in the last year (sad), so all I have now is my 50mm f1.8. It’s pretty sweet though.

      Yeah, this series is probably one of my fave’s in the 5 years we’ve been at North Point.

  4. Great shots dude and beautiful kiddos.

    I had to work so no 3-day weekend for me. I’ll have one next week though! I’m going to visit a friend (wink, wink) in D.C.

  5. Definitely great shots, Ben! What plugin are you using for your gallery there?

  6. Ben. If you ever need a male model to photograph. You can hit me up! LOL.

    Great pics and fun family time. I had a 3 day weekend (cold) which I proceeded to stay home with my son and watch 6 hours of “The Amazing Spiderman” while he pretended to be one and jumping on me.

    It was fun though. Love playing with my kids.

  7. Great Pics!
    Just hung out with the family. I was not off Monday:(

  8. Fantastic pics – as usual, no BS! hee hee hee!

  9. Niiiice, son. Thank you for the great start to my day…and reminding me how fortunate I am to call these 3 munchkins – – – Grandchildren….awesome blessings!!!

  10. Dude, your kids are adorable – love the pics! And whether or not you want to admit it, your little guy looks exactly like you. And no, I’m not calling you adorable.

    • LOL, nah I know he looks like me, in fact one of our friends who always called me “Ben-ha-meen” (Benjamin w/ a spanish accent) calls Jack “Ben-ha-mee-nee.”

      It’s ok sometimes to call another man adorable. This, is not one of those times.

  11. Great pics. I didn’t have a 3 day weekend, but I tried to spend as much time with my family as I could. The weather has been pretty good, so we have been throwing the baseball around some.

  12. I am Canadian so we didn’t get a 3 day week end. Great shots of your kids Ben!

  13. Naturally…

    Beautiful pix!

  14. *sigh* miss these smiles SO MUCH! Funny…Jack’s tshirt has more teeth than he does…love that boy! Can’t wait to see them again…hopefully VERY soon!

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