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Ben —  June 28, 2010 — Leave a comment

I’ve “observed” the middle school ministry “Xtreme” at our church for the past month or so, and every single Sunday I am amazed at the power of this ministry, and how they set up the environment for these students.

A few Sundays ago, Jason Carr-the Middle School Groups Director lead the leader training. In that training session he emphasized on the fact that as a leader, we will be impacting students during one of their most difficult times IN LIFE. That hit Kim and Me  pretty hard. I mean, who are we to be able to be priveliged enough to do life with some of these students. Can we do it? Can we “fill our cups” daily so that it’s always full, and pouring out into the lives of these young, impressionable minds? This is definitely something that we kind of knew in the back of our minds, but it is now a reality and it’s kind of scary.

Personally, I’ve always felt God tugging on my heart to be in Student Ministry and/or something to do with music. I’ve never really sat down and prayed about it, and asked God specifically what exactly I need to be doing. I really feel like His message to me in that area has been absolutely crystal clear. I thank God for that every day.

For those of you out there who are in the “I don’t have the gift of mercy or service” mindset, stop using that as an excuse… please. It’s that self-centerdness that begins the downard spiral of excuse, after excuse. You don’t need to have a special “gift,” nor do you need to be super talented in any one are, all you need is the heart of a servant. As Rick Warren stated in todays devotion, “Anyone can be a servant, all it requires is character.”

So, with that being said… I’m taking applications for the wonderful privelige of being a small group co-leader for Xtreme. The best applicant will get my special endorsement through North Point’s application and background check 😀

Please send me a message and I will get back to you all in a timely manner.

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