Savannah Tournament Weekend – Day 3

Ben —  August 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

Below is the 3rd game, as well as our drive home from Savannah. Game 3 was giving me a little bit of problems during the render stage, so the quality isn’t all there. I guarantee you will see some goals, 1 by Kiss and a few both some others. Here are some things I learned over the weekend:

  • Savannah seemed about 50% more humid than Atlanta
  • The Atlantic ocean is 50 degrees warmer than the Pacific, almost too warm
  • Jack is probably going to get harassed by his friends because he has 2 beautiful older sisters.
  • It’s amazing where we are in technology, which further confirmed my belief that the Android OS is blowing up: At one point I was watching an NFL preseason game, the girls were playing an online game, Google Navigation was guiding us where to go, and later on we all Skyped with my parents. Of course we tweeted all of this, but oh yeah, this was all done while driving.
  • All biased opinions aside, we have the 3 most incredible children, and I have the most incredbile wife. Ever.

Anyways, here are the clips:

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