Ready or Not

Ben —  June 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

It’s crazy to think over a month ago, we were planning on scheduling our first home visit “in just a few days.”

Then came Orange Conference.
and our company released a new product.
and my work schedule doubled.
and then Drive Conference.
and our social worker went on maternity leave.
and our niece came to live with us during the summer.


It’s no wonder this process can take such a long time. Life just happens.

But then when the timing is perfect, when the timing is not ours but His, schedules work out. Perfectly.

Early last week, our email and phone tagging with our adoption agency started to pick up until finally on Friday I received a call, and about midway through talking about our next steps we come to find out the home study agency we wanted to use may not actually be HAGUE accredited.

This could have set us back even a few more weeks, and a couple more hundred dollars.

However, while I was still on the phone with our agency, Kim was on her way home from work and she also received a call. It was the home study person appointed to us from our social worker prior to her going on maternity leave and she wanted to schedule our first home study visit, which is happening this Friday.

We’re ready, I think. Maybe.

I know we have a lot of paperwork and other things to schedule, but we’re beyond excited that we get to soon check off one more item off our checklist, and be one more step closer to receiving a new son for Kim and I, and brother for Kiersten, Madi and Jack.

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