Goodbye February!

Month number 2 of concentrated, deliberate blogging is in the books. What an awesome month this was for Ben Sayin’ and the community surrounding it. I’ve made a ton of new friends, kept a consistent group of core buds that I absolutely admire for sharing their walks, and… I also accomplished 1 goal I thought was going to take until April, or even June to achieve.

Also, the announcement that we were going to pursue adoption was kind of a big deal for us. Continue Reading…

Hold It Together

Ben —  February 28, 2011 — 34 Comments

"I'll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned"

As I went into the weekend, I first believed we would further the growth of an awesome group of 6th grade boys. I found very quickly (as in the first minute of the first worship set) that God had a completely different plan, for me. Continue Reading…

Prayer for an Epic Weekend

Ben —  February 25, 2011 — 10 Comments

He is Mighty to Save

As we prepare for an epic weekend doing Walking Wisely Weekend with Transit at North Point Community church, I wanted to do something that I thought was pretty neat. Please join me.

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Punched In the Face

Ben —  February 25, 2011 — 30 Comments

Sometimes when I ask a rather deep question, whether it’s to a person or even when I ask a question to God, it seems like 2 different types of answers emerge. There’s the subtle answer, and then there’s the in-your-face-you-just-got-punched answer.

I hate subtlety. Continue Reading…

Some Shots on Washington’s Birthday

Ben —  February 23, 2011 — 34 Comments

Kiss taking a break from the tire swing

This past Monday was George Washington’s birthday, or President’s day, a 3 day weekend for us all and we had nothing planned other than a few soccer games and our first meeting for our mission trip. We pretty much hung out at the house, and went to the park. So naturally, I whipped out the good ‘ole 20D and tortured my children with a 50mm lens in their face.

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