Prune in June

Ben —  June 11, 2011 — 35 Comments

It’s not doubt there is this “community” of people who come to Ben Sayin’, and for whatever reason y’all keep coming back.

I appreciate it, thank you so much.

To think that there are other bloggers out there, similar to me gets me thinking about how YOU do things when it comes to your workflow. Outside of the writing portion as we talked about here, what about reading? I’ve been happy with using Google Reader because of the integration between any and all platforms I use, but I’ve also not really tried any others. What do you guys use?

As far as reading, subscribing, and pruning goes, here are 10 criteria that help me.

Here is my criteria when it comes to reading and subscribing:

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If Grace is an Ocean

Ben —  June 8, 2011 — 18 Comments

Some of you may know that I grew up in Cali. In my first 19 years of life I moved all up and down the coast.

  • Santa Maria
  • El Cajon (San Diego)
  • Pomona
  • Santa Barbara
  • Sunnyvale.

Each one of those cities, save the dreadful town that is Pomona, had a beach not more than 45 minutes away. In the awesome town of SB, I could literally ride my bike and be on the waves in 30 minutes. I started off trying to be a cool California surfer-dude, but being a soccer player all of my friends were boogie-boarders. I’m not talking white-water warriors or foam freaks, I’m talking Drop-Knee, 360′n Barrel Rollin’ fools who stuck together and could hunt in packs.

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It’s Not That Serious.

Kim —  June 8, 2011 — 7 Comments

Since I have been writing I feel like my posts have been very serious. If you know me personally then you know I have a hard time being serious and tend not to talk too much about the serious things in my life. So I have chosen to write about those more serious things here. But if you only know me through my blog then you might think I’m all serious and no fun.

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Almost There!

Ben —  June 6, 2011 — 18 Comments

Only 19 days left, and Kim and I venture off to help doing different projects with 16 other GlobalX people for a week in Venezuela. We’re ¬†excited, nervous, anxious, and hopeful that we can remember not ourselves, but His mighty work is being done for and within these boys, and the workers who commit to The Project full time.

Just to give you a quick update, here is where we are as far as funding for the team. Continue Reading…

Month in Review – May ’11

Ben —  June 1, 2011 — 20 Comments

One more month left and these “reviews” are going to go away, or possibly transition into something else. Having a list in my “about” page is starting to be an eyesore. I’m over it. ¬†Thanks to KC over at Some Wise Guy, I signed up w/ Book Sneeze so maybe I’ll start giving away books too. Giveaways rock.

Overall, May was pretty awesome.

“I wrote a song about it, like to hear it hear it go.”

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