Venezuela ~ Day 6

Ben —  June 30, 2011 — 6 Comments

Last night we all spent an evening with various families who hosted us for dinner. It was incredible to get to know some of the members of the church, meet the perfect English speaking children, and eat delicious BBQ’d ribs and steak. It was probably the best meal I’ve had not only here in Venezuela, but in a few months even. The Pineda’s were awesome hosts, and hopefully we’ll get to stop by one of their Pizzeria’s that the father owns while we’re down here.

Since this family actually had an internet connection, I introduced them to my family via skype. It was awesome. Hopefully they’ll want to come visit next time, or maybe we can take a family vacation here someday. That would be amazing.

Today is our last work day, and we all still feel like there is SO much that we could accomplish here. I just hope what we are doing for this place leaves a lasting impact on the boys after we leave. There’s no doubt they are in good hands, but just to be a part of their “growth” is such an amazing experience, I wish we could stay longer.

If only we had a couple of weeks instead of just one…  Continue Reading…

Venezuela ~ Day 5

Ben —  June 29, 2011 — 4 Comments

As the days go by, I notice myself progressively getting more sore. Maybe it’s because we dug a drainage ditch, or installed cupboards, or maybe even mixing cement by shovels for the trash area. Honestly, I think it’s from getting schooled playing soccer and football with these kids.

These boys who are rocking our world with their life stories. These boys who were left out, discarded for the world to consume, only to be grabbed by a friend or family member so that they may have a better life.

These boys… who are teaching us all more than they could ever know, about what it really means to be grateful, and what it really means to receive God’s grace and love.

As I was emailing everybody who has wanted to participate in sending out personal letters to each of these boys, I was reading all of the stories that we gathered from each of them. These boys have gone through so much, yet have so little, but it’s just enough to get them to persevere through what they’ve been through.

God is great.

When I get back, I’ll share each of the boys stories. Your world’s gonna be rocked. Continue Reading…

Venezuela ~ Day 4

Ben —  June 28, 2011 — 9 Comments


This is the first thought that came to mind the minute we got to the hotel and I checked my email. I thought this little experiment of mine might generate a little bit of interest, but I never thought I would have received as many responses as I did…

…and we want it to be 10 fold.

As big a response I got yesterday, I think each and every one of you who reads this blog could do so much more to get the word out to give these boys the encouragement they need. So I want to take 1 more day to gather more people to pray for these boys and send them notes of encouragement.

If you haven’t done so yet, click here and follow the directions. If you have already read that post, and know what’s going on, please send this link: Venezuela ~ Day 3 to everybody you know. Do it via email, “like” the post, share on facebook, +1 it, anything.

We want these boys to be showered with His love.

For those who have already committed, I’m gathering all of the information right now and I will be sending the emails out tonight. Stay tuned. Continue Reading…

Venezuela ~ Day 3

Ben —  June 27, 2011 — 18 Comments

Day 3 is upon us, and I’m going to make this very easy. The biggest thing I ask that you pass this along to as many people as you can.

First of all, I want to thank everybody so much for being a part of this journey. I am confident you will definitely want to participate in this part of supporting this trip.

Here’s what I am thinking, you ready? Ok here it goes: Continue Reading…

Venezuela ~ Day 2

Ben —  June 26, 2011 — 11 Comments

Yesterday was full of getting to know our group, trying out some different food and flying.

A ton of flying.

Oh yeah, and waiting… we did a lot of that too. Of course, when waiting we played a lot of cards, talked, and joked around a good bit. We have a ton of jokers, this will be important when we start working out on the field and get tired and hot.

We’ll see.

So on to day 2. We’ll be updating as often as we can. Continue Reading…