a México!

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Chichen-flagOnce again, Kim and I have the amazing opportunity to go on a short-term mission trip.

This year we will be going down to Merida, Mexico with the Transit ministry at North Point. Here’s a basic snippet from Transit’s Service Line website about our trip:

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On Heroes

Ben —  March 1, 2013
Amazing Spider Man 2

“I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble…”
~ Aunt May

I was once told by a friend, regarding a guest post I did back a while ago that not all small group leaders should be called heroes, and that he planned on removing the word completely from the post. Continue Reading…

A Note from #W3Transit

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2 days removed from the last full weekend with my small group that was established in August of 2010, and I am spiritually rejuvenated emotionally drained, and sore as all get out.

We were with almost 1,800 middle school students singing at the top of their lungs about His Love… and I decided not to post one of my obligatory worship pictures here because there is no way it would visually depict the amount of life change it represents to these kids.

It would do a poor job of capturing the moment when a child realizes that there is a Love so great, a God so big, with Grace so abundant that no matter what people say to them and no matter what they’ve done in the past, they are loved. Or that moment of realization that even when their abusive background makes them think they could never be loved, they are freed from that slavery and they are loved because He created them – placed higher than ANYTHING the world has to offer. Continue Reading…

No Regrets

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Apo. Oh how you are missed.


Gloria Nunes – (grandma/Nana) visiting Apo on what would be his 100th birthday.

On Monday February 18th, my father sent me this image of my Nana visiting Apo for his Birthday.

It reminds me of when I used to hear the words “No Regrets” as a response to people, who would ask him how he was. At the time I didn’t really understand what he meant since I was so young when I first heard him say it, but as I got older it became a little more clear to me. Continue Reading…

A Drunken Mess

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After a long weekend filled with soccer tournaments in some ridiculously cold and windy weather, I figured I’d do a post to ad to a post I did almost exactly 2 years ago. Consider this the 11th type of Soccer parent, but really I’ve seen this parent at plenty other events.

Here’s a little background before I go on: I don’t have a problem with the consumption of alcohol; consuming, or being around people who drink. This is a long way away from my TSA days where one would have to sign a covenant to explicitly stay completely away from consuming an alcoholic drink. It was forbidden… but that’s another story for another day. It’s when one drinks to the point of being a plain drunken mess in which I have a problem.

Going back to my original thought, please DO NOT come to your child’s event liquored up. I know, this might be a “holier than thou” post, but seriously who in their right mind thinks it is OK to come to your kids event drunk?

Let me tell you exactly what happens when you come drunk: Continue Reading…