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Sometimes it takes the action of seeing or hearing about one experience, to cause a life-changing reaction within ourselves. That “catalyst” to accelerate something that was there to begin with, but it needed that extra push. Sometimes it takes a few catalysts, and sometimes the power of a message can alter the course of a life forever. Kim and I want to share something with everybody, that will be changing our lives forever and we’re hoping you all want to join us in this next season of our lives.

We have been deliberating over, praying over, talking to a few select friends about, this 1 thing…and we think it is now time to let you all in on the journey. Now, usually when I deliver important messages, I always feel it best to express my thoughts, in interpretive dance.

Because of technical issues, I am unable to get the video posted. Instead, I chose to do a Visual Poem:

I honestly do not know where this journey is going to take us or how long it will take,  but we definitely want to share it with you all.

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  1. Adoption?

    That’s awesome man! congratulations. Let’s do a dance!!!!

  2. hmmmmm….. {happy dance, happy dance}

    You have always been a courageous and “stepping out on faith,” man…..of God. Taking the next level is not new…it will inspire and encourage others, and God is going to bless and honor your boldness. Love you, son.

  3. My wife and i have been discussing adoption for about a year now and we feel we are being lead to an international adoption. We just have not jumped all in yet. We are still doing a lot of praying about it.
    so excited for you!

    • This is definitely a process, and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from here: mistakes and triumphs, because I’m planning on documenting the entire process.

  4. I love it. Especially your poem. Sure wish I could see that interpretive dance! 🙂 Very excited for you, the family, and this exciting path God is taking you on!! Love you all!!

  5. Dude. That is amazing. If true, so pumped for you and the family.

    We believe adoption is on our hearts down the road (maybe in 3 years or so). In fact, before our second was born we actuall went to three or four ATL-area agencies. Definitely got a lot of good information and insights. We were/are leaning towards international in a specific country, so there was one that stuck out for us. It’ll be fun to revisit all that information when the time is right for us in the future.

    Again, that is AWESOME!

    • Thanks Dustin, we’re pumped too. In fact I was shaking w/ adrenaline as I hit “publish.”

      What were the agencies you guys visited?

      • I’d have to check, but the ones I remember off hand were Bethany (; it has an office in Dunwoody, I believe) and Christian World (; we went to a meeting at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek).

  6. I got into the fight late, but I had guessed adoption even before I was reading everyone’s answers. CONGRATULATIONS! You can do it!!!

    • We CAN do it, anything’s possible with God, right? Yeah I didn’t really make it too hard to guess, especially now that I’ve assigned the new category. lol

  7. Love it man! We plan on adopting after having one more child (or maybe two more, we haven’t decided yet). It’s something that we are really excited about, even though it’s a few years down the road. Such a cool deal. Congrats man!

  8. Awesome. My wife and I adopted 4 children (and then conceived our 5th after believing it to be an improbability). It is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing journey. Ours were local adoptions through our state DCS. It wasn’t too hard or expensive. Of course, there are other ways. Following God’s leadership is the most important thing. Congrats.

  9. thanks for the link…this is awesome, just knew you had soooo much to give. We will love watching and journeying with you.

  10. Congratulations! I am new to your site but was moved by your poem. I was adopted when I was 10 weeks old and I have to say my life has never been the same. I am so thankful for how my life has been shaped by my adoption and I have had the great privilege of meeting my biological mother but have yet to meet my dad. I work in the field of addiction at BC Teen Challenge and many of our students have also been adopted so I have the opportunity to share my experiences with them. Once again, congratulations on this amazing gift!

    • Wow, amazing! Thanks for visiting Sean, I hope to be documenting this entire process. Thank you for sharing your story to those teens, I’m sure you’ve blessed them in unimaginable ways.

  11. My wife has older triplet sisters who were adopted from Korea by her parents when they thought they couldn’t have kids on their own. Then they had her, and her younger sister (that’s 5 but who’s counting). We have always talked about fostering infants when our kids are more grown up, and hopefully will be in a position to adopt eventually as well.


    • Thanks Craig! We actually thought briefly about fostering, but to be honest I think our hearts would break if/once they left us and got adopted.

  12. So happy for you – and the precious child you’ll call your own! Blessed in all directions! 🙂 Just one more reason for me to admire you and your bride…

    • Oh you!

      Cheryl thank you so much, you and Jim are definitely an inspiration for us as well. You guys are like the uber-smallgroup-leaders!

  13. What? No interpretive dance? I’m disappointed.

    Congratulations! Will definitely be praying for you and the fam as y’all begin this journey.

    We have two kids and my wife and I are going to try for a 3rd this summer. As far as adoption goes, it’s on the table for after #3.

    Godspeed brother.

  14. Fantastic! Moe guessed it way before I could!

    Blessings, mercy, blessings, wisdom, and God’s Will, Ben!

  15. Have you read “Adopted for Life”? It’s a great book about adoption in general. It also happens to be free this month at
    My wife and I have been talking through the foster care/adoption options for almost a year now, just trying to figure out what will work with our family. It certainly has required a lot of prayer and talking with other families that have made that done it. Blessings upon you and your family for this.

  16. How awesome, Ben! I definitely want to adopt. I guess I’ll wait to get a wife first. Congrats homie!

  17. Ben!!

    Huge news, man! We love and are inspired by you guys!

    Not sure what route you’ll be taking, but our church community is focusing a lot on adoption currently, and we’ve been captured by this story. I’m sure you’re swimming in information, but I hope it’s helpful and inspirational to you guys.

    • Tim!!! Thanks for sharing this man. I’m going to post an update in the next couple of days, and although Ethiopia isn’t a country we’ve looked into (yet), we’re definitely inspired by the story.

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