On Your Mark

Ben —  June 24, 2014

How are you leaving your mark?

Is it on Twitter? Social media? Facebook? Blog?

What do you believe will last and stand the test of time?

What will be your legacy?

Is your ‘platform’ twitter? what happens when your most retweeted tweet disappears? what do you have then? Does it matter? Are you in this life to glorify yourself, or have you thought that maybe you should be promoting somebody else’s fame?

What matters most to you? What matters most to me?

These are all of the questions going through my mind as I was watching twitter explode with people talking about the most historical tweets of all time starting to just vanish from the twittersphere. Apparently, back in March there was a ‘bug’ on Tuesday that caused for some tweets to disappear, and @Support had this to say:

I wrote briefly about my thoughts on the video with Nirvana the other day and realized more about me than what I could see on the surface: I am not creating anything new, compelling, or groundbreaking.
I’m not inventing the next iPhone.
I’m not writing the next Teen Spirit.

That’s because I don’t need to.

And that’s ok.

Because really what matters most to me is when my children’s children meet God face to face, and He asks them “Do you know me?”

…and they answer “Yes.”