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Kim —  May 16, 2011 — 14 Comments

I’ve been a Transit volunteer now for almost a year. This isn’t my first time volunteering in our church but it is the first time I have ever felt like I cared about it and not done it just because Andy told me to.

Conversations have started just from me simply wearing my Transit shirt on Sundays. They ask what it means, where I go and if I work for the church. I always perk up and am so excited to share how amazing this environment is and usually ask them if they want to come watch. So far, most people do not take me up on my offer, but that’s ok ’cause if a simple invite turns you away then you fo’ sho’ don’t belong in this awkward place we call “The Attic.”

I have taken great pride in volunteering but something struck a nerve with me when someone referred to me as ‘just a volunteer.’ I felt my ears getting hot, my head started to bob side-to-side and I almost got the crazy pointer finger action going on. I simply looked at them and told them to remove the ‘just’ because I am not ‘just a volunteer.’ I am a volunteer and stepping into a role that literally thousands can’t bring themselves to do and honestly probably aren’t qualified to handle. Trust me, I am not perfect but I try to give where I can and where it matters.

Just because you can’t look beyond yourself to give of yourself doesn’t mean you have the right to belittle what others are doing for YOUR CHILDREN. It’s ‘just us volunteers’ that worship with your child, answer possible life changing questions via text message, hug them when they look down and listen to their boy problems. For our younger environments outside of middle school, it’s ‘just a volunteer’ that changes your kids diaper, wipes their snot-booger-face and makes sure they have snacks so they aren’t crazy hungry when you get them after service.

I will step off my high horse now but I encourage you to thank a leader the next time you see them and not call them ‘just a leader’.

Cause if you say it me…..ya gonna get it.

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  1. 🙂 Just a volunteer. Sheesh. SMH. Just my best friend, just an amazing lady, just a God fearing woman, just a mom… did this individual JUST hit their head hard???? That would be the only justifiable reason to be so foolish.

  2. Every one of us at Real Church, with the exception of our head pastor, is a volunteer. Our church is run by people with day jobs, who recieve no salary for their jobs at church. You ROCK!


    I JUST wish I JUST had volunteers, to JUST do the ministry, to JUST HUG the kids, to JUST show JESUS, that He did not JUST DIE for me!!!

    YUP, KIM – – – SO PROUD OF YOU and all you have been doing in the cause of Christ. JUST sayin’

    • You know all too well how crucial volunteers are do a church!! You were/ARE a rock star pastor, Pops. 🙂

  4. Is it wrong of me to read this whole post imagining you swinging your head side to side with a finger pointing at me? If it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right, because that was just so freaking cool!

    You are not just a volunteer, you are a volunteer transforming lives! And you get to go home to a dude that eats popcorn, behaves like he’s 12 (don’t worry, I behave like I’m 11), and blogs with his family in mind. You rock! Next time that person tells you that, you say, “you are just a person with an opinion” Do the moonwalk and glide out of there! Yup, that’s how you should do it next time.

    * this is Just a comment! 🙂

  5. Wow–important words. I’ve been guilty of this type of thing before. It probably won’t happen agin for a long time.

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