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Ben —  July 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

Driving to Alabama, while your two daughters are sleeping can put somebody into some deep reflection. As we were on our way to go pick up my niece, I had a couple of thoughts that I thought I would share. Some of these were inspired by things I saw, and others inspired by things that have just happened these past two awesome weeks.

  • What is it about Alabama, which causes my check engine light to go on?
  • Once a month, I witness this phenomenon: Small bird chasing large bird, seemingly pecking at the large birds tail feathers. Sometimes, I even play the soundtrack from Star Wars in my head as I watch. What.
  • I just realized I’ve only seen Armadillos in the Zoo, or as road kill. I’m not sure I would want to see one in any other capacity unless like on Friends, but that doesn’t count.
  • Male adults can and will compete in pretty much any setting regardless if we know each other, even at the YMCA’s outdoor diving board. The cheers from my kids after splashing them the most pretty much declared the winner of THAT competition.
  • I still can’t describe the feeling I got when our little baby Jack, started softly caressing the even littler baby Liz. Jack no longer is the little baby… Of courseKim would say differently.
  • I don’t care where LeBron lands. Really.
  • I prefer Green over Brown. Always.
  • Finding the rattle in a car is by far the most pressing need on long trips, and I can NEVER seem to find it. I wonder if it’s related to the check engine light…
  • I remember long road trips when I used to live in the west coast, and seeing those orange balls on electrical lines. I didn’t see one on this trip. What are those? Are they for low flying airplanes/crop-dusters to see? I guess I could Google it, but I prefer my wild imagination to come up with my own reason for those orange flux capacitors.

Anybody else get into “Deep Thought” mode while driving?

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