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I’ve chosen “Simple” and John 13:34 as my go-to for 2012, because I tend to complicate things and when I need to make the choice to love, I don’t.

Here are just a few examples of this before putting my One Word into action:

  • Small group discussion time, I rush through the questions and completely miss out on conversation.
  • When they needed me the most, I stop talking and try to avoid a friend because of their “sitch,” and how uncomfortable it makes me feel.
  • My neighbor is outside. He’s divorced, he’s lonely and he’s cranky. He needs and longs for conversation. I hurry into my garage and into my house.
  • My other neighbor is out pulling weeds. I don’t know his name, and I don’t know anything about him, simply because I’ve never made the effort.

Of course, in all of these true instances my wife and/or my children or somebody was watching. I am not proud of the legacy I am leaving behind. So in thinking about on my “One Word” for 2012, I’ve decided to dedicate my once a year post to complete this series, about “Apo,” and his legacy.

Apo offered work to everybody, and the type of work he needed done was usually some sort of construction or painting project. He employed drug addicts and alcoholics alike, but my father always made sure he was with us (my brother and I) whenever we did any sort of work with these people.

I would get angry at the thought that he would allow these people around our family and risk them getting hurt. In the end we were ok, but the people he employed will always remember this old man who gave them a 2nd chance in spite of their addictions, past or current.

He was not there to teach them a lesson from their mistakes, he was there to provide an example of grace, and to show them the same love as he has been show by our Heavenly Father.

So in following that example, I strive to be able to simply love in this way, and for that to be a part of my legacy.


Last part of “Simple” a oneword365 series

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