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30’ish friends.
For Kim’s 30th birthday.

The plan went slightly as planned, with a little bit of changes here and there, but overall I have to say that the amount of people who showed up last-minute (2 days notice) was completely awesome. I also have to give a HUGE thank you to the Washington’s who opened up their home to hide everybody while we headed home. Also to Joanna for coming up with the idea to sign the vase when my nifty little project took a dump at 2am.

So, I posted a very odd-looking inflatable, double-rainbow like picture yesterday you’re probably wondering what they were. In case you forgot, I showed you this picture:

What is this?

I mean, I did ask you to guess after all…

If you look closely at the vase, there is writing all over it.

The writing on there is supposed to stick, permanently thanks to these guys on the left.

So what was all the secret mission impossible stuff that I did?

Long story short, I tweeted out a few things here and there with the #kims30th hashtag, since Kim already knew I was up to something and since she absolutely hates surprises, this eased the anxiety of it all.

A little.

Here’s how the rest of the night went down:

We all went out as a family to Frontera for an easy birthday dinner, and around 7pm people started to arrive at our neighbors house. 7:30 rolls around and I make one last stop on our way home from dinner to go “pick up” some allergy medicine since I ran out.

We arrive at home, go inside, and we sit Kim down at the dining table. The kids and I go in the bedroom, the doorbell rings, and 30’ish of our friends greet Kim at the door carrying a rose or two.

30 "Roses of Encouragement"

If they weren’t carrying a rose, they were carrying a homemade cake (thanks Jim!) or even a cooler with ice cream. One person carried the vase, which she eventually placed the roses in.

We lit the candle on the cake, we sang happy birthday.

We ate the cake.

It was a pretty cool birthday for Kim, she was all smiles and will remember this because of the people she shared it with, and most importantly: There were no clowns.

19 responses to #kims30th

  1. So… I guess I guessed wrong. Oh well. Your idea was much better than what I thought. Good going buddy. You are a cool hubby.

  2. This is why single women cry themselves to sleep each night, pining for true covenantal love, wondering why no man can be found, all the while stuffing their faces with cheesecake and coffee.

    It’s because of awesome husbands like YOU, mistah Ben.

    Dude, I can only say I am bowing to your thoughtfulness and creativity and the more than evident love you have for your bride.

    You rocked it, Ben. So, so cool.

  3. Good thing the first project bombed this one is one for the books on how to bless your wife. Very nice

  4. No clowns=great birthdays.

  5. What a great idea, Ben! If I had been Kim, I would have really enjoyed the way you celebrated. 🙂

  6. Ben, you’re making the rest of us husbands look bad out here. Sheesh!

    No, for real – love the ideas. Creative. Memorable. Great job!

  7. Well done Ben. Glad you all had a great time.

  8. Thank you for the birthday love. I love you for loving me so much and appreciate all of your efforts more than I can ever tell you!

    Your birthday isn’t too far around the corner, old man. 😉

  9. Kim, can I help plan Ben’s b-day with you? And by help, I mean scheme?

  10. Great idea Ben! That sort of creativity can take a lot of work and preparation but it definitely goes a long way.

  11. Awesome. Happy birthday, Kim!

  12. VERY sweet, Ben. I don’t like surprises either. I would probably be horrified if all of my closest friends showed up at my house unannounced. Happy Birthday, Kim!

  13. What an amazing birthday present for your wife! I love it! Creativity like that is the best present

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