Jack and the Cup

Ben —  March 4, 2011 — 38 Comments

Every night I take Jack to the bathroom and give him a bath. Last night was no different. I let him grab a few toys like Buzz and Fly (an airplane), and we proceeded to head to the bathtub, our normal routine. I start filling the tub, take off his clothes and picked him up to place him in the water. The minute the water touched his toes, it happened.

Kim has been doing such a great job with this whole potty training business, since she’s a SAHM she has been responsible throughout the day to make sure he starts using the “potty.” Well every night, as I was saying, I give him a bath. Normally before the bath I ask him if he needs to go potty. He says yes, and I take him and place him on the big toilet, he does his business and flushes.

Last night, I forgot that step.

So the water touches his toes and he begins peeing. Using my ninja skills I grabbed the Frontera cup that we use to wash his hair and I catch the pee in the cup before it splashes down.ย Ok I wasn’t that quick but I got the majority of it in the cup.ย I take the pee, pour it in the toilet and flush. I washed out the cup, finished the bath, and put him to bed. I didn’t think twice about what just went down.

Fast forward to this morning on my way to work, I get a phone call from Kim and she says, “You will NOT believe what YOUR son just did.” I love it how when he gets in trouble he’s MY son. She begins telling me that she went to do her normal morning routine with Jack where she asks him if he needs to go potty, she takes off his pullup, or underwear or whatever, and sends him in the bathroom to sit on the potty. She said he was in there a while, so she went to check on him and there he was.

Cup in hand and peeing in it.

Kim said something which startled him causing him to finish outside of the cup. Prior to being startled, apparently he was aiming very well. Good job Jack.

So I respond to what she’s telling me with a “Oh no,” and it clicks with her. “You taught him that?!” I told her the bathtime story, and we laughed. Buddy was just mimicking exactly what I showed him the night before.

What did I learn? How about an instantย Proverbs 22:6.

Seriously though, it’s amazing just how fast children mimic what they see, and unfortunately not all children have a positive model to mimic. I try and do my best yet sometimes I slip, but hey, I was just teaching him long road trip survival…

Time for y’all to share now, what was one funny thing you did where your child instantly mimicked you?

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  1. Ben,

    No stories yet, but man this was a great post! LOL!

    Peeing IN the cup. Classic!

  2. Dude, this is awesome! I love stories like these. I don’t know, but in addition to shaking my head, I would be a little proud. My boy has reached a skill of pointing and shooting perfectly into a cup.

    * I though your story was going to end on someone else using the cup to gargle with water or something. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing Ben. Love these kind of family / kiddie moments.

  3. Welcome to my “Boy World”…gotta love these Nunes boys!
    I could sit here and write for days about my “Boy World” with Dk and Chino-Panda Nolan.
    I believe my kids are a reflection of our home, us, marriage, life…no, we are not perfect and no, they are not angels. But when I hear my 5 year old say a prayer by himself, recite a bible verse I taught him a month ago, doing well in school, riding his bike without wheels, Nolan singing songs from KLove, praying for dinner, recognizing his “Uncle Ben’s picture on FB”, missing his Uncle Tyler……
    Makes me think! You know what? we are doing okay as parents, we are the biggest influence in their lives, we are an example.
    You know the book I’ve been reading Sun Stand Still, today I was reading:
    “God may lead to stay home with your young children, forfeiting a second income. “Ordinary”. But along with diapers, dishes, and naps, you receive the gift of time-to model discipline, instill values and speak life into your kids. They could grow up to be Joshuas in their own generation. “EXTRAORDINARY”. -Steve Furtick

    This really spoke to my heart because I can relate but also made me realized that I am a huge part of my kids future. Just like you and Jack….he’s still little yet learning from something so simple or “ordinary” like a bath and a cup…..imagine all the things you will get to teach your SON, and the main one is to lead him to Christ, Salvation and experience EXTRAORDINARY for the rest of his life.

    How cool will be the moment you get to tell this story to Jack, his wife or his KIDS!…Sorry, for writing so much all the time, hopefully I didn’t lose you! LOL
    Give Jack hugs, tell him it’s okay to pee in the shower (all boys do), to pee in the front yard (like Nolan) and pee all around the toilet cause’ mama will clean it!

    • So right Chelly, thank you for sharing. What you guys are doing now with DK and Nolan is nothing short of amazing. So proud of you and Chris.

      Oh, and I crack up every time I see my mini me doing something I totally would have done, and I crack up even more thinking that there are TWO mini Chris’s running around.

      God bless your soul.

  4. Best. Post. EVER.

    Love him!

  5. Wow! @ Michelle! That is an incredible message for ALL of us.

    Yup, I can share stories of my boys also – – – ๐Ÿ™‚ The greatest one I love talking about is their journey to watching them become Godly Men, and leading THEIR son(s)…..and DAUGHTERS….to the gift of Jesus Christ.

    Ben, absolutely hilarious and soooo innocent!!! When Jackson is older, tell him to talk to Poppa about the crazy things his dad did when he was little. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Loving it!

  6. I think I laughed harder the second time around!

  7. Great story!!

    Don’t have kids. But I do have one when I was younger.

    I was probably about 3 yrs old and was watching my dad shave. I had to try this so I tried to use his razor when he wasn’t home and ended up cutting my lip and bleeding. So, if Jack ever sees you shaving you should invest in a toy razor with some play shaving cream. haha.

  8. When my daughter was just starting to talk, she would sometimes call me, “Daddy?”
    When I answered, she’d say some gobbledygook, followed by “Please?”
    We couldn’t quite figure out what she was doing until one evening my wife called me from the other room.
    “Could you bring me my sweater?”
    Then it all made sense…

  9. Classic! There is a story you can share for years.

    When my daughter was little I was racing dirt track stock cars every weekend. That almost meant I was working on the car in our backyard almost nightly. One night a friend was over helping and his daughter and ours were busy playing and laughing. I crawled out from under the car to retrieve a wrench and looked up to see my buddy’s daughter was standing on the floor jack and my daughter was pumping her up in the air. Then she left her down and they swapped places. I laughed so hard I could hardly see.


  10. Dude, I love this blog.

    I’ve bookmarked it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now, to show I’m not spam, I’ll go on to say how much this health information has helped me not have to study so much and you should be rated higher in google.

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  11. That is awesome. Loved reading this!

    Not really a “mimic”, but…. I came home from work on Friday and my first order of business for the weekend was to massively unclog my 3yo’s toilet. It was so bad my wife flushed it like 10 times to no avail during the day. She was like, “She is definitely your daughter.” It was one of those teary-eyed, proud-dad moments. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. About shaving, Chris used to put shaving cream all over Dk’s “beard” and give him a spoon to use for shaving. Chris would shave and Dk would pretend….it was a bonding moment for both. Of course I always feel left out! LoL…..just saying!

  13. I don’t have a story that good, but my daughter does a dead on impression of my laugh.

    Awesome story. Thank you for the chuckle.

  14. We have 3 little girls- and all things “potty” are girly. Sit down, and use LOTS of TP. Once, my middlest daughter (and spunkiest) walked in on my husband doing his “boy potty trick” and attempted to do the same thing that HE had done on her next potty trip. She sort of sumo-walked over the toilet bowl in an effort to “aim”. Didn’t work so well for her. Big mess. It was only hilarious after-the-fact.

    • Seriously, what’s up with using a half-roll each bathroom trip?

      “Boy potty trick,” LOL and then @ her aiming, haha. I mean, aw man you had to clean that up *snicker*

  15. At least he’s all set for long roadtrips now.

    My son is 3 months old, so he isn’t doing too much imitating yet. He shakes his fist at the Comcast truck pretty well, I guess.

    It’s high time I visited here.

    • Hey Mo thanks for visiting! Shaking the fist at Comcast, or any utility truck is pretty awesome. It’s when a finger is involved that you might need to start worrying…maybe.

  16. Love it! And don’t you love how God teaches us stuff via parenting? Dang, if parenting isn’t more about ME than them!

    So glad I finally clicked over to your blog!

    • Amanda! Thanks for visiting ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’s awesome how THIS is the first post you read… lol

      I think my daughter pointed out your blog to me the first time I read it, somehow she found it through either something Disney related, or maybe OCC, I can’t remember.

  17. Haha, this is hilarious man. My little guy tries to mimic everything I do (he’s 2), so I’m sure I’ll have some funny stories to share here shortly.

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