It Doesn’t Have To Be

Ben —  November 7, 2011 — 11 Comments


Walking ahead

One of the struggles we have as a family when it comes to our weekly family nights, is finding stuff to do.

We forget, sometimes the whole point of setting aside some time for us to just, be.

It doesn’t have to be expensive
It doesn’t have to be extravagant
It doesn’t mean we have to drive far
It doesn’t always have to be on the same night

…none of this matters

You just need to be together. 

On Purpose.



11 responses to It Doesn’t Have To Be

  1. Just “be” – that’s something I wrote about today as well. Such a powerful topic.

  2. Brilliant. When we are purposeful in our activities, the impact can be so much greater (whether we see it right away or not).

  3. You’ve got it right son

  4. So true. I have had this struggle at times, too. Elaborate plans often get in the way of just being together–which is really the point anyway.

  5. You got it friend! That’s it!

    When you gave me the blessed opportunity to be part of one of your family nights, as good as your burgers were, and as awesome as your hospitality was, I just wanted to be… with you, Dustin, and both your families. That was my takeaway, my blessing, my memory. I also loved making little superman fly! Little Jackson rocks!

  6. “Just NEED to be together……” tons of wisdom in those 5 words. Thanks for giving me memories and for the memories I get to make with my Atlanta Nunes’.

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