Verizon got it, will you?

Ben —  January 11, 2011 — 6 Comments

I wouldn’t do any of my friends justice, if I didn’t at least voice an opinion on Verizon’s announcement of the iPhone 4 being available for preorder on the 3rd, and in stores on the 10th. Let me explain where I feel they may have missed the boat, once again.

In true Apple fashion they allowed Verizon to release a non-LTE iPhone 4, just as the original iPhone was released only to be used on Edge. Even though LTE is already out, Apple put themselves in a position (once again) just so they could have an announcement this summer of a 4G device on both networks. Brilliant, or greedy and lazy? I choose the latter.

Apple did so awesome bringing us a new device, with new innovation and a new way to communicate. They brought the brilliance of Apps. However, now that they’ve had the lead for so long, they’ve become lazy and are counting on their past success instead of pushing to innovate once again. The lead has dwindled, and has been surpassed by the dominance of Android in 2010. So now what? Should they have released a 4g phone instead? I really think so, and I know that with the release of the 4 4G Android phones coming out in March, it will be interesting to see who jumps on either side. I personally still am hesitant to get too excited about the Droid Bionic, just because it lacks a keyboard. I think I should get over that, you know with it being the highest-spec device coming out on Verizon and all.

I’ve tried to keep this as unbiased as possible, just because I truly do appreciate what Apple has done for us gadget geeks. Once Apple announces an LTE iPhone my opinion may change, but we’ll just have to wait until the summer.

Will any of you jump on the Verizon iPhone bandwagon?

How do you think iOS will compare to Android this year? The next 3 years?

6 responses to Verizon got it, will you?

  1. Simple rule of thumb. Never get 1st generation Apple products. Or any other company for that matter. They make money off the early adopters and you’re really just a guinea pig. I skipped the first iPhone (edge) and got the 3G. I skipped 3GS and got 4G.

    I’m not getting the 1G iPad but I’ll probably get the second version that gets released this year.

    You have to find the sweet spot with Apple and once you do, the best re-up cycle is every 2 years.

    • Yeah I generally apply this rule to everything, except when I bought my Moto Droid in November of ’09, and I lucked out on that one. Oh, and I’m sure you meant the iPhone 4 (not 4G) 🙂

  2. I still think the iPhone 4 on Verizon is going to sell around 10 million by end of 2011. I have an iPhone 4 on at&t and though it works great in my neck of the woods, the network chokes in the heart of Times Square. The only solution that at&t brought was adding free wifi to the Times Square area, which helps.

    BTW, I’ve had every iPhone except the 3GS. And to Tony’s surprise, my favorite is still the original Edge version (which is now an iPod Touch).

    • It will sell, no doubt. Analysts are even saying it will take around 15-20% of AT&T defectors. I’m not sure about 10 million, because in reality they will really only be able to sell as many as they can from now until the next announcement in June (if there is any). Maybe 10 million total iPhones (4 and whatever comes next).

      Thanks for stopping by Moe!

      • I’m sure they’ll release one in July. My question is, why get an iPhone 4 on Verizon if there will be a new one in July? Or will the new one only be for at&t? Who knows.

        Thanks for the welcome Ben. Nice diggs you got here. 🙂

        • My thoughts exactly. It’s funny now, Tmo is bashing both networks for them being the same in their latest campaign. Same guy, different color tie. Love this competition!

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