An Interview with Kiersten

Ben —  June 15, 2011 — 28 Comments

11 years ago today, Kim and I were given this gift of our first daughter to raise, and boy were we ever terrified. 11 years later I reflect on how some of the things we’ve done (so far) as parents. Some things good and some bad, but all with God as our focus and that’s what matters the most. So far, I think we have done OK.

Now that she’s going to begin Middle School, I thought it was about time to let you know a little bit about her.

Here are 11 questions I asked her that show the awesomeness and beauty that is, “Kiersten”

Me: Tell me about yourself

Kiersten: I have 2 siblings, Madi and Jack. During the weekdays, you can find me at my parents’ friends’ house, but on the weekends, you could find me at the pool or at my house sleeping.

Me: Who is your favorite superhero?

Kiersten: My favorite superhero is Spider Man because I think his webs are awesome.

Me: What are your hobbies?

Kiersten: My hobbies are playing soccer and reading. I like to read fiction books.

Me: Who is your favorite author?

Kiersten: I don’t really have a favorite author. I like all authors but the last book I read was No Place Like Holmes by Jason Lethcoe. The book was very interesting, and I enjoyed it very much.

Me: If you could ‘wish’ anything for your birthday, what would it be?

Kiersten: I would wish for a laptop, specifically a mac.

Me: What worries you?

Kiersten: What I worry about the most is losing everything I have, like my family.

Me: What do you love most about God?

Kiersten: The thing I love most about God is that he’s always there.

Me: Where do you want to go to college?

Kiersten: If I don’t get a scholarship, I would like to go to a community college to save some money. Then, I will go to a University. If I get a scholarship, then I will just go straight to the University, like Harvard or UGA.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kiersten: I want to be a pediatrician.

Me: Who do you want to be like when you grow up?

Kiersten: I would like to be like my parents.

Me: Now that you are about to be in Middle School, if a boy asks you out on a date, what would you say?

Kiersten: No.

Me: But what if you really want to go out with this boy?

Kiersten: I would make him ask you, and if he was too scared to ask then I would say no.

There you have it, our oldest of 3 (and soon to be 4). She’s an intelligent little lady with a heart for children, walking in The Light knowing God is with her every step of the way. She loves Spidey’s webs ’cause they’re awesome, but would say no to a date with him if he’s too chicken to ask her father’s permission.

If you could shoot webs through your hands, what would be the first thing you would do?

Since she loves to read, any book recommendations?


Thanks to Moe over at Beta Christian for inspiring the format of this interview.


28 responses to An Interview with Kiersten

  1. Happy Birthday Kiss, your mother and I are so proud of you, and who you are growing up to become.

    Thank you for this special interview. I love you.

  2. +1

    This is awesome.

    I would make a hammock and read shel silverstein where the sidewalk ends.

  3. So glad you did this brother. Looking at doing something like this for our daughters also.

    Just to have on paper to read in the future!

  4. “I would make him ask you, and if he was too scared to ask then I would say no.”


    Ben, what a fantastic idea! Interviewing your first born…a pleasant way to begin this chilly CT day.

    I do not have any book recommendations because I am not sure what 11-year old girls would like to read! (I’m still in baby/toddler phases here at House Borsch)

    Again, what a pleasant way to begin today.

  5. Sounds like you are doing a great job Ben. Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

    If I could shoot webs I would make me a hammock and take a nap… #TIRED. It would be helpful chasing my two year old around as well.

  6. 1. I would swing through the ATL skyline. No doubt!
    2. Book recommendation? Uhh….. Twilight? 😉

    Ben, your daughter rocks. First, she wants a Mac. Second, she wants to go to UGA.

  7. Kiss, you are an amazing child and I am reminded of God’s grace and love when I look at you.

    Thank you for being a great example to your siblings.

    I love you & happy birthday!


  8. I love me some good interviews. This a real good one. It’s amazing how much you can “read” from these answers. I can tell that you and super duper mom AKA Kim are doing a fine job with your kids. Here’s why:

    1. She loves to read. Show me someone who reads and I’ll show you a leader

    2. She wants a Mac. Me says, you get her a Macbook Air with this decal:

    3. She’s aware God is always there… and likes it (at that age I would be terrified, mostly because… never mind)

    4. She wants to be like her parents? That’s pretty flattering.

    5. When a boy comes a knocking, he better talk to daddy, he’s the one with the Machete on his left hand and his shotgun on the right hand. Oh, and he also has ninja stars under his ninja belt.

    You and Kim are #winning my friend. So awesome

    (sorry for hijacking your comments section. :/

  9. I was looking forward to this interview and very blessed with her answers. She’s only 11? AMAZING! Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Georgia Peaches….and excellent job, Ben.

    Her first date? Ok…the guy has to also go past Poppa…and Uncle Chris…..and Uncle Tyler….and Uncle Froggie…. (just sayin’ son….)

    • Thanks Poppa, and I will make sure that you are definitely one the first people to be notified.

      • Ohhh man, Kiersten!!!! I’m sorry I brought it up…. LOL

        If Poppa had his way, you know your first date will be when you 35 years old. By that time Me and Apo will be watching yo back from the Pearly Gates.

  10. Happy Birthday Kissy-kins! xoxo, me, stel, sim -n- alyssa

  11. sweet! miss you all! love the Borahs

  12. Happy Birthday, Kiersten! You are an awesome child of God. I am praying that you will earn a scholarship for college and medical school. I think you would be an awesome pediatrician because you have a heart for children and children need doctors who truly care.

    If I could shoot webs, I wouldn’t have to drive 42 miles to work everyday. I could just shoot webs and swing into the building and avoid all that traffic. How cool would that be?

    I hope you enjoy Transit. I pray that you will be a blessing to the other middle schoolers in your small group.

    Rock on!!


  13. I love her answer for the favorite super hero. That’s epic! (And I’m sure you love her answer about boys! lol, you’re an awesome dad).

    If I could shoot webs? I’m not sure. I would probably figure out how to swing around like Spiderman does!

    One of my favorite books has been Anything by Truett Cathy (the creator of chick-fil-a). If she likes good story-telling and tips on how to get things done, then Truett Cathy is one of the best!

  14. Happy Birthday, Kiersten!

    I would recommend books by the author Jeanette Oke ( She writes lovely Christian fiction. Also, Lori Wick, Francine Rivers, Tracie Peterson, Terri Blackstock, Dee Henderson, Lynn Austin, and The Lilychild by John & Susan Thompson.

    I love to read fiction, too!

  15. Happy birthday, Kiersten!

    If I had web shooters I would make a giant web that said “some pig” on it, just like Charlotte’s Web. And then I’d get a pig and sit him down beside it. For absolutely no reason.

  16. Can you believe it – already 11, whoa slow down I want to watch it unfold as you grow!!!!! I am enjoying every minute of hearing your stories of what you are doing and what you want to be. Spidey webs – well if I could shoot out webs, I would be able to swing over to visit a little more often. Miss those hugs!!
    As far as books go – just keep reading what interests you. The authors are so numerous you’ll still be reading when you are my age.

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