Family Night 4 – Ice Cream Buffet

Ben —  January 16, 2011 — 12 Comments

This game reveals the true bonds between siblings, especially when they team up against you!

Friday’s family night belonged to Kiss. She absolutely dominated in Monopoly at the end of the night, but before Monopoly she created wonderful ice cream masterpieces for the entire family. Vegetable lasagna plus an ice cream buffet for a family of 5, with a movie from Red Box for mom and dad = $21’ish.

Here are some more shots of the night:

Kiss getting the Ice Cream and Toppings ready

Jack Cheesin' with his Ice Cream

Madi's creating her Upside Down cone

Kiss drowning Madi's ice cream with chocolate syrup

Love these 2, look how nice Kim shares!

Jack returning the favor by sharing with Mom

Yeah, I don't know...

12 responses to Family Night 4 – Ice Cream Buffet

  1. Awesome pictures of family…..everyone is sooo much enjoying each other. Precious times, son. Love it!

  2. Love that you complimented the “healthy” vegetable lasagna with ice cream creations.

    We need to do family game nights more often.

  3. It’s great to see dads take the time to spend precious time with family. Good work Ben! Continue being an inspiration and powerful presence in the lives of your children.

    • Spending time is something deliberate my wife and I have tried to do on a weekly basis. So we’ve made it as fun as we can, by rotating who gets to decide what we do on Family nights. We started this a year ago, and so far it’s been awesome. Usually we try to set a $10 limit (outside of dinner), but that’s flexible… ’cause I said so. lol

  4. no you hang up!
    …no you hang up!

  5. Banana Split anyone? Ice cream looks good!!!!!!
    Did you find any banana peels behind the toilet seat?

  6. Love the idea of “family nights”. Thanks for sharing!

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