How Do You “Blog?”

Ben —  May 28, 2011 — 38 Comments

Quick and easy for a Saturday.

I write about 90% of my posts on my desktop PC since it has Evernote and Photoshop loaded, and I can grab all of my notes from the week off my phone, as well as do all of my photo cropping/editing from there and plug it straight into WordPress.

I can also sit on the couch with a pillow or two behind my back, netbook on my lap, and write.

Yes, I said netbook. This is my blogging tool of choice until I can afford something a bit more fancy, but for now this will do. It’s light, it was only $39, and the keyboard is… well, meh.Β The couch thing I do mostly when I read blogs and comment on them, but actually writing I prefer the desk.

What is your favorite “go-to” position to write/blog?
Any exciting plans for this weekend?

38 responses to How Do You “Blog?”

  1. What is your favorite β€œgo-to” position to write/blog?
    Any exciting plans for this weekend?

    Living room table, anytime after 9 pm or so, with laptop warmed up and ready to go.

    No exciting plans for this weekend, really. Perhaps some steaks on the grill, some napping, some laughing with family, and …oh yeah…having to take desktop PC to Best Buy Geek Squad because it WON’T BOOT UP.
    I am seriously considering a netbook, Ben, since I only email and blog for the most part. Any recommendations?

    • The sooner I can get away from our netbook, the better. It’s “serving it’s purpose” right now, but sometimes I like to watch movies via netflix and such, and most netbooks don’t have the graphics/processor power to run video smoothly.

      You can get a netbook in the $200 range, anything more than that and you might as well just get another laptop.

      The way we got ours, is through an upgrade w/ Verizon. We used the upgrade on our 3rd line to get the discounted pricing, $100 rebate brought it down to $39, and then we just took it off the line (so as to not pay the $45/month data fee). Wala, $39 netbook.

  2. 90% of my blogging is done at McDonald’s. There is no Starbucks here.

    I like to read, study, and write there. Most of the time its between 8-9 AM.

  3. I have written from my iPhone WordPress app on occasion – but my favorite spot is in my office between 9 and 10 in the morning sitting at my desk by the window – typing away on my iMac πŸ™‚ I have no exciting plans for the weekend – as a private music teacher I will even be providing lessons for those not on vacation – for Monday students πŸ™‚

    • I envy those who have “go-to” places on these 3 day weekends, but awesome you’re providing music lessons for your students who stick around and don’t have plans.

  4. I blog comfortable from my MacBook Air on OmmWriter

    Sometimes, I use my iPad when I’m by my bed or in the sofa.

    I also use Simplenote app (which syncs with iPhone, iPad and any browser) for notes and ideas.

    It’s a pretty good workflow. Me love it.

  5. My go-to sot is my desk in the “study” (aka second-bedroom) of our apartment. I sit down at my Sony Vaio and spread out the notes I’ve taken throughout the week on odd little strips of paper. I’m hoping to have a “blogging notebook” to carry around sometime this month.

    I like the study because the window faces away from the complex, so the view is nice, and I can keep the lights off while still having plenty of light. I also like the atmosphere my wife and I have created in this room. My books are in here, as well as her art supplies. It’s a great little mix.

    For this weekend my big plans are to work on my blog and to get lunch with my pastor! My wife and I are joining our church and our pastor and his wife invited us and another couple over for Lunch after church tomorrow. I have no idea what we’re going to do on Monday, though. Probably put our feet up and enjoy being married with a day off =D

    • That sounds like a pretty sweet setup you got there. Ultimately I’d love to have a “study” with books and such, maybe a few years down the road.

  6. Typically, my blogging is done from our laptop while I am sitting in my oversized chair in the den. But, when I get a real driving thought for a posting, I have recently started writing a post from my phone while just about anywhere (at a food court or sitting at an outside table at lunch, etc) and then finishing it for publication once I get home. I really like having that option as I can capture what is on my mind while “in the moment”, save it as a draft, and then do my editing and inserting pictures, etc once I get to the laptop.


  7. I type away on my mac usually before I leave for work each morning, or right when I get there (I’m usually the first in the office, so it’s all good :)). I’ll sync notes/ideas through Evernote or sometimes blog off of what I’ve written down in my moleskine (through study time or random brainstorming times). In the end, I don’t really have a workflow yet…. Aside from pounding away the keyboard…. usually on the couch.

    Moe- I’m downloading Omm Writer right now!

    • Been thinking about getting a moleskine myself, but being since I despise physically writing, it probably would last a day, if that. I’ll stick w/ evernote.

      Not having a workflow, I think I said a little bit on your blog about me not getting into that “system,” but you made a good point and that’s me not having a “system,” is really having a system.

      Doo bee doo bee doo.

  8. I can’t say that I have a favorite blogging time or location. Truthfully, it’s all I can do just to squeeze in enough time to post with everything going on in my life right now.

    With that being said I take advantage of my MacBook Pro and Evernote to organize and type out my thoughts.

    In terms of the rest of the long weekend, my wife and I are getting away on a little date tomorrow afternoon which will be wonderful and then we will probably tend to a few things around the homestead. Not too exciting but it’s a nice change of pace.

    • It’s nice to get away on dates, and imperative for couples w/ children. Hope it went great!

      One thing I wish I was more disciplined with is setting aside the “writing” time. I may possibly do this as I become a more seasoned blogger, but we’ll see.

  9. I do most of my writing on my Macbook, either at a desk or on my couch. Just depends on the mood I’m in that day.

  10. I recently read Stephen King’s “On Writing” and he says the best way to write is in the same place and at the same time every day. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but I have found that it works best for me. I’ve tried writing at Starbucks, at the library, at my parents house (my “office” away from home-LOL!), but I get easily distracted by people watching and/or conversation. So, it’s usually at my countertop workspace around 8 PM at night, with the earbuds in so hubby knows I’m “writing” and not up for random conversation about the Mariner’s game. I like that blogging at night gives me time to think about what I’m going to write throughout the day. I have a notebook that I jot down little notes if I think of something-or sometimes I’ll just grab a random piece of paper and write a phrase to jog my memory.

    I like reading what others have shared here. πŸ™‚ It gives me a different glimpse into who you all are.

    • Yeah, learning people’s behaviors when it comes to this kind of stuff is really interesting. If I tried writing on a random piece of paper, it would probably look something like this:
      “where’s the freakin paper, I have an idea! Maybe it’s under this toy, ooohh this toy needs a new battery, I’ll go check for batteries in the junk drawer, ugh why is this drawer so messy, I just need a stinkin battery, oh look there’s my Y card, it’s hot outside maybe I’ll go for a swim.”

      …and there you have it.

  11. Not a blogger just a blog reader – gotta have fans right! I will relate to it as art though since I like to paint. I have to have inspiration for something to flow onto the canvas. I would imagine it might be the same for writing. I don’t have a special set time to paint but I just grab “free” time. Since you work, as do I, a set time to write might be difficult so I carry a small sketch book for that very same reason – inspiration comes at random times!

    • You have a sketchbook!? Bring it to GA when you guys come, I want to see it!

      by the way, any other readers reading this comment, we have a few pieces my mom did hanging up on our walls. She’s a great painter, and she only charges her kids half price!

  12. you have got to love the ease which is worpress – it even allows one to copy images from your word document and by-pass the pesky upload process πŸ˜€

  13. I also tend to do final submissions from my PC. About 20% of my posts come completely though my phone.

    Many posts are started on my Evo via the WordPress app, and then uploaded as drafts to flesh out in more comfort.

    Lately, though, I’ve been writing cold, at the PC or phone, by looking at comments and themes from the day before. You guys have been killing it lately with discussion!

    • Gotta love the discussions!

      How do you like writing on your EVO? I can tolerate writing a bit on my Droid because of the keyboard, but I definitely don’t do it often. It’s usually just notes and bullet points.

  14. I do most of my blogging on my lunch hour at work. Every now and then I will blog while sitting around watching tv. Most nights however are spent chasing a two year old around…

    • Those 2 year olds are quick little buggers.
      I can sometimes write in front of a TV if the idea is fresh and the show is a rerun, but that doesn’t happen too often.

  15. On the couch with my feet up is my go-to writing position. It also helps to have Levi the cat nearby for stress relief.

  16. I jot my thoughts, ideas and notes in the Things app on my iPhone. I typically finish my drafts at my desk in my room. I have a 27″ iMac so there’s plenty of screen real estate to open Photoshop and other windows I’m using for research.

    I typically blog right in the WP editor but I’m easily distracted. Moe told me about the Ommwriter app, which is pretty dopetastic. I try to use that more often.

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