When It Becomes His Glory

Ben —  April 20, 2011 — 42 Comments

I know a famous guy. Who doesn’t?

This guy has a pretty interesting story:

In the summer of 2003, Ryan landed a production internship with producer Younglord. He has said in interviews that he considers this 30-day internship the jump-start of his career in the music industry. Within the first week, Leslie produced the song “Keep Giving Your Love To Me” that would later be performed by Beyoncé for the Bad Boys II soundtrack. The soundtrack was supervised by Sean “Diddy” Combs, who was impressed by Leslie’s production style and offered him a management contract upon meeting him…

You can read the rest here:

Here we have an extraordinarily talented guy who’s been doing some crazy stuff in the music biz, with so much listed in that Wikipedia article it is rather ridiculous how accomplished Ryan has become since the days back in High School when I knew him well. Sure if I sent him an email he might remember me, but alas we have gone down different roads.

Extremely, different.

Every now and again I’ll peer over at his site just to see what new #boomsauce he’s bringing to the music scene, and I might call and ask my dad if he’s talked to his parents lately and we’ll just chat it up, but in the back of my mind I’ve always wondered how his walk has been. What Glory, if any, is truly being given to his Heavenly Father? Truly. I guess the same can be said for other artists as well, but then the question comes about as really, who are we? Who are we to examine ones life so as to nitpick and poke and see exactly what their relationship is with their Father in Heaven?

I have no freakin clue what it would be like to be in that environment, to be in that spotlight constantly. Temptations abound, corruption rampant, and the enemy easily picking at the weak…

…like fish in a bucket.

No way he’s living a Godly life…


In all honesty, do I think his (Ryan’s) faith is being tested? Absofreakinlutely. Do I think he’s falling, giving in to any and all temptations?

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

So then, if it doesn’t matter then again, who are we in this grand scheme?

We are here not to assume the worst upon somebody who may easily be tempted down the wrong road, we are here to back these artists up, in prayer and in any other way we can so that the struggle against the powers of this dark world will pale in comparison, and so that they can stand their ground and give God all the glory. Ephesians 6:11-13

So Ryan, my brother, you may or may not ever read this but just know that you have a family, MY family praying fervently so that you will continue to succeed, and make us all believe that YOU believe what you say:

“I owe it all to God, I give Him all the Glory”

~ Ryan Leslie – “Glory”

Do you know somebody famous? Will you pray for them?

42 responses to When It Becomes His Glory

  1. I know an emmy-winning photographer. I spent this evening editing video with him. we prayed together and talked about his life.

    I know the lead singer/founder of a successful Indie band. I haven’t ever prayed for him, but I will tonight.

    good challenges. to pray more, and to meet more famous people. 🙂

  2. Great post. I know a three time Olympic medalist (two gold one silver). We went to high school together and I used to hang out with her and her boyfriend (now husband). Have I been keeping her and her husband in my prayers… truthfully no. But I should. There are a lot of people that I know who I really need to do a better job of lifting up in prayer.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I don’t pray for famous people. I pray for people and God’s will to be done in their lives. Their fame makes them no more or less of anything.

    Years ago, I heard that ‘If only we could get Marilyn Manson saved! He could do so much for God!’. Why? Why would that be the focus? We should get folks saved because of what they can do for God? Really?

    Good stuff, Ben. You have a good heart.

    • That’s crazy, I heard that too somewhere but I can’t remember. That type of focus is so incorrect, it’s disturbing. How about focus on saving people, to be saved? Now there’s an idea…

  4. I don’t know any famous people. I’ve met Barry Bonds and Griffey Jr. I think we should pray for God’s will in Bonds life right now. #crazysauce

  5. I went to high school with Deron Williams (played for the Jazz, now for the Nets.) I can’t really say that I KNOW him, I guess I just know OF him but still, it’s cool.

    Can’t say that I have prayed for him ever either. But I did hear that he became a Christian last year so I guess he needs some prayers right now.It’s like you said, his faith is probably beign tested with all that fame.

  6. I used to hang out with a couple of knuckle heads called “The Roughneck Soldiers” who ended up getting a hip-hop deal. Two of them ended up in jail and that was the end of that.

    I’m not sure where they are nowadays, but I hope they have left that lifestyle behind and I pray that Jesus saves them.

    Oh, one more person. You Ben. I think you are famous. And I can confidently say, “I know Ben from Bensaying” and I even have weird tweets from him. #win

  7. I don’t personally know anyone famous, but I met Bill Cosby once.

    Great post, Ben.

  8. A friend of mine was a MLB catcher for the Rays, Dodgers and White Sox – until he hurt his shoulder about two years ago. Now he plays for the Camden Riversharks in the Atlantic League. His name is Toby. We still text each other on our birthdays and at Christmas time. I think he’s a believer but we’ve never talked faith. I will pray for him!

  9. I will pray for Ryan, thank you son and I know God will honor his taking a stand. It is not only difficult to make that kind of a statement but it may also be dangerous. He and Joy have always had a special place in our hearts and I know that his years with “Diddy” were only the preparation ground. God is using his voice already. I played this for my co-workers and they were blown away. Another inch through the door to their hearts! Woohoo, thank you Lord!

  10. Ryan especially needs our prayers and support. As God receives the glory, the greater will be the opportunity for the “Message” to be heard – especially where Ryan is at. Blessings on Ryan….keep him covered with God’s grace and our prayers.

  11. My Aunt is Tess Harper. I know, I wouldn’t know who she is either if she wasn’t my Aunt. And I used to hang out with Ryan Tedder in High School (lead singer of OneRepublic and one of the best song-writers/producers in the game). But I doubt he would remember me. And I once gave Dikembe Mutombo a standing ovation/slow clap when he walked into a hotel lobby at 3:00 in the morning. That almost got me arrested for some reason.

    I pray for a lot of people. Particularly those that are in a place of influence. “Celebrities” definitely fit that bill.

  12. Don’t know if these folks would be considered famous, but B. Reith and I go a little ways back (Christian hiphop artist on TobyMac’s label). I went to high school with Charlie Whitehurst (backup QB for the Seahawks…maybe?).

    I did meet and have a chat with MacGyver (RDA himself) at an LA Kings game when I was in elementary school. 🙂

    • That’s awesome, except for the Whitehurst part, although I wouldn’t mind if he continued to be a QB, me being a niners fan and all…

    • Good ol’ Charlie might be starting for my Seahawks this season…who knows…I’m not excited but the prospect of that…but who knows. ha!

      I guess if he does, people will have to stop calling him “Clipboard Jesus.”

  13. Ben. Thank you for your honesty. I have to admit that I have been judgemental about people and situations I know nothing about. I needed a heart check.
    Btw…Your blog inpsires me to seek God in new ways.
    Keep writing, Friend. I appreciate you.

    • Awesome Trina, and being somebody who also knew Ryan (right?) I’m sure you can definitely relate.

      I’m glad you’re inspired, definitely seek Him in ANY way 🙂

      • I knew Ryan. You two were inseperable. In fact, a couple of years ago, I watched a tape of WYI 1992? where you, Ryan, and two other guys performed during talent night. Do you remember that?

        • Ha! One of a few, was it “It’s Gonna Rain?” There were a few of us who always had fun doing some acapella stuff at the mall and getting kicked out because we were considered to be “soliciting.”

          As if. lol

  14. Don’t really know anyone famous. Met a few famous people, but do not actually know them.
    Could not imagine, all the craziness that surrounds those in the spotlight. They definitely need our prayers.

    Thanks for sharing Ben!

    • Adam, you’re like the Homerun King, so you’re super famous and you’re going to be the highlight of your son’s stories as he grows up 🙂

      Craziness, indeed.

  15. The one “famous” person I know is named Fiji (real name George Veikoso). He’s a Hawaiian music artist. He is a close friend of the family, and we “grew up” (he’s a few years older than me) together, and he went to my church. He used to always have jam sessions with my Dad at our house. He’s big time now in the islands, probably the most famous musician there. He even comes up to Seattle to do shows from time to time. I don’t know what his walk is like now. I know he’s gotten into trouble with the law numerous times, and that makes me sad. I should pray for him, but I hardly ever think about him.

    Cool post, Ben. I’m slating this one for my next Pop Tops edition. 🙂

  16. My Mother in law babysat Michelle Bachmann’s children. I met her at a wedding. My husband went to church with her kids. I wasn’t impressed, but then again I can’t stand politicians. Other than that, I don’t know any celebs. Not crying any tears though…I like down to earth peeps.

    Great post. I like what Donald said..so true.

  17. I don’t know anyone famous. But I know some folks related to Kenny Chesney. Yippeee!

  18. Ben,

    Cool post! I know a few famous people. I grew up with the Bieb’s parents, my cousin won a Stanley Cup and I have another cousin who is an actress on a popular show here in Canada called “Degrassi” I would say I don’t pray for them as much as I should. Thanks for the reminder.

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