Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ben —  February 14, 2010 — Leave a comment

Our family is on year 2 of what we’ve all voted to be an annual tradition. It goes like this: Every other year, Jack and I are in charge of doing something special for the girls, and Kim, Kiss and Madi are in charge of the years in-between. Last year Jack and I took the girls to Bricktop‘s, and enjoyed a delicious Pizookie. This year, it was the girls turn. Unfortunately, I don’t think Jack was able to really enjoy how special the day was, and he probably won’t remember it, but I guess that doesn’t matter.

It started off with getting breakfast in bed; 2 pieces of toast with butter, some eggs and a glass of OJ. Then I had to do a short scavenger hunt that lead me to a $5 starbucks gift card (mmm white chocolate mocha). Then after church, Kim drove, and I had to cover my eyes because we were going somewhere and they didn’t want me to know, to pick something up. I guess they didn’t take in the fact that I have an internal GPS in my brains, so I could somewhat tell where we were. Once we arrived home, Jack and I had to stay in the computer room for about 15 minutes, and when we were beckoned into the living room, there was an awesome spread of Olive Garden goodness all laid out on a picnic blanket. Such an awesome idea. I heart my girls. Jack and I ate ’till our stomachs were full, then we took a nap. (Actually, Jack took a nap and I attempted to start on our taxes, blech)

Let me back up, before we actually left the picnic blanket, we took a family vote on this “tradition.” Family vote is in, and the tradition is here to stay! Next year, Jack and I are going to plan something spectacular!!! Well, it will probably be mostly me since all he wants to do is eat, sleep, and play cars. Lazy bum…

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