Hand Off

Ben —  April 29, 2013

The end of my 3 year commitment is in May, and I am worn out.
I am ready to end this.

May signifies the end to my 3 year commitment, and I am extremely, rejuvenated.
I am ready to move on.

This 3 year season with Transit has been incredibly fruitful, not perfect, but pretty awesome. I’m sure I could have thumped more biblical knowledge or Christianese in these impressionable young minds, but I truly feel that’s not what God intended for me in these boys lives. I was never a good student when “talked at,” but I sure can learn quick when somebody shows me. So why should I try and empty my cup any differently?

  • To show up.
  • To be there.
  • To listen.
  • To guide when needed.

This is what I’m qualified to do, this is what I did, and this is all I plan on doing from here on out.

The past 3 years have gone by so quick. As much as I look forward to moving on to an awesome summer without small group craziness on Sundays, and the random texts throughout the week, I think of what it’s going to be like on Mondays, and Tuesdays, and so on. What’s Andrew doing? How about Ryan? Oh, I bet Jared’s going to crush it in his football tryouts. I’ll basically be way too curious and anxious to find out what’s going on with these guys in which I’ve invested.

So that means…

I have agreed to commit more time to these guys, and to this small group until God wants me somewhere else. This means at least 4 more years as their high school small group leader in North Point’s high school environment called Inside Out. For most of the guys, this means I’ll continue to be their small group leader with a couple of other adults,  but for the ones who will not be with us due to different circumstances, I have written a few letters to their new small group leader:

To Sam’s Leader

To William’s Leader

To Daniel’s Leader

To Jimmy’s Leader

To Steven’s Leader

To Be Continued…