Mexico ~ Day 8

Ben —  June 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

So, June 15th. The last day of our trip, which also happened to land on Kiersten’s 13th birthday. Holy crap. We have a teenager.

Her gift from her parents? She gets 41 of her closest friends singing happy birthday to her, in 2 different countries. If that’s not some awesomesauce, then I don’t know what is.

Seriously though, this week has gone by so quickly and we all have made some really good friends on this trip. In fact, a few of us were talking about the pre-judgements we had on each other prior to the plane ride, only to have God step in and say, “Oh, yeah that person you’re judging, I’m going to pair you together so you get to know each other more and become BFF’s. I do that ’cause I’m God, and you need to learn a lesson here.”

I won’t say names for their protection, but when we all talked about it, we all agreed it was pretty awesome how things came together the way they did – perfectly, of course.



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