Las fotos!

Ben —  July 17, 2011 — 8 Comments

2 weeks later…

…and I’ve finally gone through all of the photographs and picked the ones that:

  • Didn’t come out too blurry
  • Were appropriate
  • Were Kim approved (there may, or may not have been some incriminating dance moves on the Day 6 fiesta
  • Looked cool
  • Did not have me in it (‘cept a few)

Check ’em out!

Click on a photo to open up the viewer.

[nggallery id=3]

8 responses to Las fotos!

  1. Looks like an amazing time, Ben. Praise God for all you got to do and for the kids you got to be a part of. Praise Him most of all for the new uneasiness he’s put in your soul 😀

  2. Brilliant!

    My favorite is the last one: Pensive Ben, reflecting on the amazing trip.

  3. Great shots Ben. Too much fun was had. I do have to say, what kind of dance was Kim doing, and what the hell was going on in that water. I know… leave it alone… don’t answer. 🙂

  4. Those shots are beautiful. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Glad you made it home safe from the adventure.

    • Thanks man, I’ve been encouraged to take more photos as of late so I’m glad I got to share with everybody.

      2 full days of traveling (1 there, 1 back) and it’s a surprise we made it without a hiccup.

      Ok, not really a surprise, but still pretty awesome.

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