Venezuela ~ Day 7

Ben —  July 1, 2011 — 9 Comments

Last night was a blast, we had about 3 hour fiesta that included awesome food, laughing, and dancing. Had anybody observed the amount of smiles and laughter that happened last night, they would never be able to guess what kind of history these boys have. For that I am grateful that we could be a part of that night full of joy for them. I am also grateful that we all had a blast even after the amount of work we did the past few days.

Now today, we get to start off at the crack of dawn traveling 4 hours to the beach. From what I’ve heard this beach is amazing, and once again we’ll be spending it with the boys for our last day together.

I don’t exactly know what the general feeling is because we’re all working on at most 4 hours of sleep, but I’m sure there are mixed feelings of sadness because we’re leaving tomorrow, along with hope that what we’ve done leaves a lasting impact.

I am confident that even after we leave this place God will be doing a good work, it is evident in the staff as well as the boys.

Praise God.



9 responses to Venezuela ~ Day 7

  1. Woohoo!!! Good work bro! Looking forward to hearing your stories face to face.

    Stay safe (and away from the Venezuelan Bee)

  2. Awesome bro! Thanks for all of the updates!

  3. awesome!! love hearing these stories.

    (btw, please tell me you’ve eaten an authentic arepa…. sooooo tasty.)

    • I mean… c’mon. Of COURSE!

      In fact, we ate arepas every night, but my favorite was when we ate at the Pineda’s house. They were grilled.

  4. Congrats brother, this is fantastic!

  5. Ben is spot on in his humble description of our trip so far. Thanks for coming again Ben! The trips simply are not the same wid outchu.

  6. Thanks for keeping all of us up north here posted on your amazing journeys! Hope my mom had a blast too and wish I were there with all if you too! Enjoy the long trek home and thanks for all the pics here as well!

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