GlobalX ’09 Day 2

Ben —  June 1, 2009 — Leave a comment

Boy what a late night, if Ben would have had his stuff together we wouldn’t be in this predicament. First, not only did he not have all of the software installed to edit his photos, he kept ME up so he would have somebody to talk to while he was editing them. SHEESH! If he wasn’t hauling me around to all of these places and letting me meet new people and see the joy on their faces because of God’s work… then, wait what was I talking about?

Anyways, today was a really great day. We got in a couple of games of ping-pong before church. You can see Dan schooling most people and teachin the “youngins” a lesson or two about the backhand. Actually, although Ben held his own, he was outmatched by his roommate Tyler who beat him 2 games in a 3 game series. Poor Ben.

Ben was very busy after church trying to get some photos taken, but there was a discussion about a painting inside the Ark where Waumba land is. Check out his entry “El Artista” over at, it’s a pretty incredible story about a broken man, and through his brokeness he was able to create a masterpiece. Ben never got around to taking many more pictures of me at church, or of me getting to know the 3 year old “Andre” and seeing him mimic his “Taz” by putting his lips together and making the “pbltbltbltlbltbltlbtbltb”'” sound, so cute! He was able to get a photo of us during a short break in our tour of downtown eating a nice Tequila/slushi mix (it’s a ‘Queretaro’ pastime, so we HAD to try it!) There was actually very little “tequila” in that mix, but it sure was delicious!

Ben was very busy taking shots of downtown, all I can say is that it was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. There is so much history, and the architecture is absolutely gorgeous. You can view the photos he took over at the globalXconnect site, it’s a must see!

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