Family night, blessings, and ribs

Ben —  April 30, 2010 — Leave a comment

Do you ever get the feeling that when you vaguely ask God anything, he vaguely answers you? For me (at least), the same goes when I ask for something specific. In my experience, “Be careful what you ask God for,” completely holds true.

I’ll give you an example: When we came back from Phoenix, Kim and I decided it would be wise for us to ask God what we need to do for our family for 2010. The biggest choice, was whether or not moving back to Phoenix should be in our plans. With that prayer, was specific questions about all of the details in what was “needed” in order for us to move. Because some of those “details” are a little more private than either of us are willing to share, I’ll just say God definitely has an awesome way of answering specific prayers. It’s like, we asked for “A”, and God said, “nah, I’m going to give you A+B+C and later on you’ll notice D, but E will also be on their way.” Or, “God, are we going through these trials, beause we’re being punished?” and he answers us “No, it’s because I love you, that you’re learning how to love me more, through those trials.”

The answers that God has given us just in this past week, have been so convincing to Kim and Me, that we’re confident we know where we need to be. With our invitation to be small group leaders for Xtreme, to my upcoming Baptism, we know that where we are right now, is exactly where we need to be, and all we ask for is wisdom, and guidance for how we live our lives from this point on.

Now, on to the topic of Family Night. It was Kissy’s turn to choose what we were doing, so she chose to go out for some good ‘ole BBQ.
(click the images for a large picture)

This photo gets an honorable mention, just because. Madi thought it would be wise to save some french fries for later…

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