Fam night – Rissa style

Ben —  July 20, 2010 — 2 Comments

This post is a few days overdue, but I wanted to share what an amazing night we had this past Friday. As many of our friends know, we do a family night every friday. Each friday we alternate who gets to choose what we do. That includes what we eat, as well as the activities or games we play. This friday, Kim was gracious enough to give up her family night for our very special guest.

The night started off with Kim asking if she should start the coals before I got home. Good thing she did because by the time I got home, it started to rain. I was determined to not be defeated by the rain, so we brought our little “Smokey Joe” closer to the entrance of our door, out of the rain. With the fan strategically placed, I don’t think I would want to grill any other way!

On the menu was some good grilled chicken, with some cornbread, mashed red potatoes, and broccoli. Good eats.

Next up was going to All Fired Up for some pottery painting.

We all had an absolute blast, here are some shots of the night:

Here are the final products:

We ended the night renting “Alice in Wonderland,” although a few of us were not able to stay up the entire movie. This family night is definitely one to remember. Thank you Marissa for making our family night one we will never forget!

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