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I’m not going to lie, 11 years is tough to come by these days. We’ve almost gone to hell and back it seems, but have definitely strengthened our marriage by the trials we’ve been through and the perseverance we’ve shown, through the help of our family, and friends.

I wanted to finally put this on something a little more permanent, rather than pencil on paper. You may or may not remember this song from a few years ago, because when I first sang it I believe it was around midnight? Maybe Later? I really wanted to record it using our little camera, but the video editing software trial expired, so I’ll just write it (for now).

Photo strip, from not long ago...(it seems)

This is a love note to my best friend tweet

Brought together on Valentine’s day tweet

Never was I able to finish a song, I thank God He sent you my way tweet

So many times I felt like giving up tweet

I know you felt the same way too tweet

All the pain heartache could not last tweet

But Love is forever, when in it with you tweet

And if there’s ever a doubt of my love for you tweet

Just look in our child’s eye, and you’ll see it’s true tweet

I love you now, more than ever tweet

I need you with me, my best friend tweet

The days we share I wish were endless tweet

and if I could, I’d marry you again. tweet

I love you Kim, happy 11th Anniversary.

He watches over me

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  1. I am so proud of you both….11 years of true love.

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