A do-si-dossier

Ben —  May 19, 2016

NunesQuestForSixIt was lunch time, and I sat there with a good friend of mine in Cinco ready to order some chips and queso. Kim was with her friends but they had just all left to go back to work.

I know – I get to work with my wife, and she gets to work with her bff’s. We’re living the dream.

I digress.

As Kim’s leaving, she’s probably about 10 seconds out the door when I receive an email, notifying me of one of the largest contributions I have ever seen in my life.

And… it was deposited right into our Pure Charity fundraising account.

I was completely floored by the amount, and the implications it has on the balance of our expenses due to our agency. With this extremely generous gift, we should be able to cover the last couple of payments along with our 800a application, and have a little bit left over that will spill into our 2 Costa Rica attorney’s fees and judicial fee. We’re completing most of financial checkpoints on the US side, and once we’re done we can start building our account for the travel and in-country expenses. As of right now, we have accumulated enough Delta miles for 1 Costa Rica plane ticket, and another family friend has already promised to gift us another. So – only 3 round trip tickets and one 1-way ticket to go!

As we continue on this long process we are continually reminded of God’s love for us through the generosity from our friends and family, and it affirms our journey just that much more.

We are extremely, and truly blessed.