A Dirty Reminder

Ben —  March 16, 2011 — 48 Comments

Sometimes I am told to do something and I don’t need a reminder, like say for instance “please throw the diaper away after giving Jack a bath.”

When I forget, I get a nice little reminder before I go to bed.

Although it’s normally rather late when we hit the sack, I prefer this type of reminder. It demonstrates the type of patience and humor of Kim.

Plus I’m more of a visual learner anyways, so I’ll probably not forget to do this again.

48 responses to A Dirty Reminder

  1. Dude, I just sent your wife a virtual hi-5.

  2. That’s awesome! Also, not sure I’d like stinky diaper germs on my pillow. My husband would freak if he saw that!

  3. Dude, I’m going deep, I’m open… throw it!!!! 🙂

    Wifey rocks!!!

  4. Ben,

    Would it be appropriate if I gave your wife a virtual knuckle-bump?

    Dude…I so enjoy it for my brothers when I see their brides know what’s what. She’s a keeper, Ben. Totally.

  5. You guys should see what I do when he forgets to flush the toilet!!


  6. Reminders don’t work for the Nunes Boys, Chris forgets immediately! I don’t even bother anymore….wonder if Ma has the same problem with pops? lol

  7. a picture (and I’m guessing a smell) are worth 1000 words.

  8. My wife preferes to throw them at me.

  9. Wow, I have no words.

  10. I get my daughters to toss their own diapers/pull-ups in the diaper pail.


    • Yeah, Jack will usually do that too, but since we go straight into the bathtub and the only trash we want diapers to go in the kitchen…can’t have him running around buckit-nekkid.

  11. The real question is the same humor appreciated in reverse? 🙂

  12. The question is – did you change your pillow case before going to sleep!

  13. That is hilarious.

  14. I’d rather have it on my windshield…oh wait…I HAVE had it on my windshield lol.

  15. Man, I would be in trouble with this kind of reminder. While I have done a better job this week of going to bed at the same time as my wife, I typically stay up and read hour at least an hour later than her.
    I could just see myself laying my head down on that little pillow and finding some extra reasons why it was so lumpy!

  16. Is this some kind of demented reward system? 🙂

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