Dear blog,

Kim —  December 20, 2010 — 3 Comments

My amazing husband has spent countless hours setting up our new blogging properties and he seems to have hundreds of drafts ready for edit and to be posted. And then there’s me.

I have a few drafts written out but usually delete them because I’m not ready to share yet, might offend people or make me appear vulnerable. So I’ve written my blog a little letter to express how I feel about it right now:

Dear blog,

I have a lot to tell you but I don’t really feel like I know you yet. I don’t share my story with a lot of people and especially ones that will remember it forever. Some of my stories might make you angry, make you cry or make you feel sorry for me. But that’s not what I want. I want you to understand my story, be patient with my typos, scattered thoughts and moments of frustration. I have a lot to say and you might just be the best place to talk about it. I want to write but clam up and don’t want to share. And you can’t make me!! Hopefully we can build this together and go on this journey together.

Thanks for listening,


3 responses to Dear blog,

  1. Let me know how I can subscribe so I get email notifications. I love this

  2. keep on writing…you are doing great! I love reading all about your day to day events it’s as if we are there with you.

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