Daddy Duty

Ben —  April 4, 2009 — 1 Comment

As I am writing this, I have Jack in my arm dozing off… actually, he’s laying on a pillow in my lap doing the whole “fighting sleep” thing. The crazy thing is, I just realized there are NO picture of jack here!!! So… without further hesitation, here’s our little buddy:

This picture was actually taken a couple of months ago, Jack and I had taken our beautiful women out for a special treat at Bricktop’s. Sadly, the dessert that we (Kim and I) expected was about 1/3 the size we’re used to. It’s ok though, the girls loved it, and we scored BIG points. We really set the bar for next year’s Valentines day except this time, the girls are taking their boys out!

All in all, it was awesome. OH, we also forgot to mention that this year I’ll be going to Queretaro, Mexico for the annual Mission Trip. This year, the partnership with the Dominican Republic is such that they’ve decided to re-evaluate the vision, so they’re holding off on sending teams down there. I’ve created a blog here: which is a part of the multi-blog This website project was actually a vision of mine a few years ago which has finally come to fruition. However, it hasn’t really caugh on with other teams just yet. We’ll see in time if people actually want to use this tool, I’m hoping they will.

That’s about it for this entry, to update about other things:

  • Job is awesome, I work with some amazing people and thank God every day for the opportunity I’ve had with H.I.S. Not to mention some great people I’ve come to be friends with.
  • Kiss and Madi are doing awesome, they amaze me every day with their continual hunger for wanting to learn and learn and learn. They are super smart. Smartest kids ever.
  • Kim is beautiful as ever, she’ll post a nice update about her visit to the aquarium with Madi and some friends.

Oh, last but not least, Biz will be joining me on the trip to QRO, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi little buddy!!

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