Cranky Kryptonite

Ben —  March 19, 2011 — 35 Comments

I’m Batman.


I’m Superman.

Ok, no I’m not. In fact I was kind of a PITA on the way back from a morning full of soccer. I hadn’t eaten, and it was bad news.

Have you ever been in this spot, where you just keep jabbing away to the point where it blows up into a big fight? That’s exactly where I was heading, until Kim discovered my Cranky Kryptonite.

She was not having it.

So she started giggling.

So there I am cranky as all hell, and Kim’s sitting there giggling. Her giggle is infectious, and it weakens me and breaks down my cranky-barrier. So I ask, “Why are you giggling?” She asks if I’m done being Mr. Grumpypants, because I’m being a Diva.

I’m not Batman, or Superman. I’m a dude who turns into a Diva when I’ve not eaten anything. At least Kim seems to think so, but to be honest I am not disagreeing with her. Have you seen that commercial? You know, the one with Arethra?

Yeah, I relate to this 100%.

Because Kim is giggling, I almost immediately get out of my Diva-ness (Diddy calls it something else), and I begin to laugh because she’s 100% right, and she’s laughing, and I can’t possibly continue to be cranky because I would much rather laugh.

It’s fun.

Do it.

Do you have something that immediately gets you out of your crankfunk?

What is your Cranky Kryptonite?

35 responses to Cranky Kryptonite

  1. I am exactly like you. If I am hungry, it is not pretty. Loved the commercial BTW.

  2. Food always makes me happy.

  3. He, he! You are a diva. Say it again: Ben is a diva! Sounds so good!

    When people are late gets me in a bad mood. I hate waiting. I turn into a cranky old man.

  4. “Ben is a Diva” would make an awesome name for a garage band.

    Lack of food, whiners, people being late, liars, whiners, women who choke me with their perfume, whiners, slackers, “entitlement mentality” liberals, and did I mention whiners, all get me into Diva-Mode.

    Your bride continues to earn my respect with her sure-handed ways of supporting you, and bringing you into focus on how to be the husband and father our Father wants you to be. Sweet.

  5. Kids and food are definitely the two things that get me out of crankiness the quickest. I am not a morning person, so I really need to have the hugs from all my girls before I am ready to leave for work. Otherwise I need a warning label saying, “Stop, don’t talk to this man until at least 9 AM.”

    • Or until your first cup o’ joe, right?

      Those first minutes in the am w/ the kids really start the day off, I’m just like that too.

  6. Hannah is like this and it has somehow rubbed off on me as well. This is why we have emergency cakesters. In addition, if she is being cranky I default to, “are you hungry?”. haha

  7. Hugs… from my wife 😉

  8. Aren’t wives awesome?
    I love that L.K. can totally tell when something is wrong and calls me on my crap. She has the best sense of humor and helps me to laugh at myself.

    I haven’t been called a diva, but I definitely get cranky if I haven’t eaten or am overly tired.

  9. I’m a diva in the morning… for the first hour, no matter what time I wake up. I don’t like to talk. I’m moody.

    Time gets me out of that crankfest, I guess. 🙂

    • Hate mornings with a passion, until coffeetime.

    • I’m with Dustin on this one. I’m definitely a diva in the morning. Sometimes it’s not too bad – I just walk around like a zombie and not say anything. Sometimes, though, I’m downright cranky and just grunt whenever I see my housemate.

      It usually changes once I’ve showered and/or had my coffee.

  10. some misogynists (make that all misogynists) make me want to go all diva on them, and lack of food. If I’m being called “Little lady” while they stand in front of me for the self-service buffet – watch out!

    Usually, my kids say something funny and that makes me less diva-ish. If they kids aren’t around, spending quiet time with a good book and some snacks helps.

    • Wait, but what if it’s an old grandpa calling you Little Lady? 🙂

      Kids have such a unique way of knowing what to say sometimes, that make you completely crack up. Love that.

      Oh, I like snacks too.

  11. I definitely get cranky when I am tired or stressed. My wife and son can always change the mood with jokes and laughter or even an EPIC impromptu dance party!

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