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On Your Mark

Ben —  June 24, 2014

How are you leaving your mark?

Is it on Twitter? Social media? Facebook? Blog?

What do you believe will last and stand the test of time?

What will be your legacy?

Is your ‘platform’ twitter? what happens when your most retweeted tweet disappears? what do you have then? Does it matter? Are you in this life to glorify yourself, or have you thought that maybe you should be promoting somebody else’s fame?

What matters most to you? What matters most to me?

These are all of the questions going through my mind as I was watching twitter explode with people talking about the most historical tweets of all time starting to just vanish from the twittersphere. Apparently, back in March there was a ‘bug’ on Tuesday that caused for some tweets to disappear, and @Support had this to say: Continue Reading…

Kiss for Father’s Day

Ben —  June 15, 2014

Dearest Kiersten,

Our first born, and favorite newest 14 year old…

I love you.

My heart quivers, whenever I think about the day we found out you were going to come into this world, and I think about all of the conversations I have had with the many people in my life, who have helped me father you the best I can. As I think about it now, I sometimes feel that I will never be the type of father I need to be, so I search, ask, and fight for truth. Continue Reading…

Leaving Hope.

Ben —  June 13, 2014

See you at work, honey


No Ragrets

Everyday I get to say these words, save for the days when we carpool, and everyday I am so very grateful to haveĀ this opportunity. According to several people who fall in the same category as the people who like to suck the joy out of your excitement when you announce an engagementĀ or pregnancy, the 6 month mark is when you start regretting making the decision to work with your spouse.

I’m happy to say – regrets? I have not one. Continue Reading…

The Bell

Ben —  November 28, 2013 — 1 Comment

This bell has rung over 50,000 times.

Each time this bell rings, it is…

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Lean With It

Ben —  November 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

Everybody fears getting on a 4.5 hour flight, trapped in the middle of 2 people who are either huge, obnoxious, stinky, or all of the above.

Enter my trip to Vegas a couple of months ago.

I had to go to Vegas for a trade show, so luckily I was traveling alone and was able to worry about nobody else’s reactions or responsibilities but my own.

As I was waiting for my “Zone 5” to be called, I’m standing in line and this guy rudely forces his carry-on to squeeze in between me and the guy in front of me. As he stood there obnoxiously slurping his extra-large drink, I imagine was ironically diet coke, he was either oblivious that he cut in front of me, or just didn’t even care. I bet he was even thinking

I’m 4x the size of him, I’d like to see him TRY and say something.
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