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Love in an Elevator

Ben —  June 26, 2014

Having an elevator pitch ready when somebody asks ‘what do you do?’, is one of the first things you learn to have prepared when you enter the workforce. It is key in networking, when trying to impress potential clients as well as future employers. In fact, having a good elevator pitch even if you are unemployed is generally good to have.

None of this is new to you, I am aware of this.

Many moons ago when I was in the production world, somebody would ask any variation of the popular “what do you do?” Back then it was easy, you were either hauling a camera, gaff tape or you were a PA. When a PA, the answers transitioned more into “what do you WANT to be?” These types of questions would really test to see how well your elevator pitch is rehearsed. You could tell who would be a lifelong PA, as well as who knew his stuff and was probably going places. When somebody would ask me, I rarely gave off an impression of the latter as my pitch sounded more like a plea for employment beyond the 3 day shoot. Continue Reading…

On Your Mark

Ben —  June 24, 2014

How are you leaving your mark?

Is it on Twitter? Social media? Facebook? Blog?

What do you believe will last and stand the test of time?

What will be your legacy?

Is your ‘platform’ twitter? what happens when your most retweeted tweet disappears? what do you have then? Does it matter? Are you in this life to glorify yourself, or have you thought that maybe you should be promoting somebody else’s fame?

What matters most to you? What matters most to me?

These are all of the questions going through my mind as I was watching twitter explode with people talking about the most historical tweets of all time starting to just vanish from the twittersphere. Apparently, back in March there was a ‘bug’ on Tuesday that caused for some tweets to disappear, and @Support had this to say: Continue Reading…

Great Art

Ben —  March 25, 2014

I saw this video pop up a couple of days ago, and after hearing the quote below it really got me thinking about the types of music artists I enjoy listening to. Continue Reading…

To Daniel’s new small group leader or youth pastor,

I’m not going to lie to you, I think Daniel’s my favorite of the bunch who will not be with us next year. He is by far the smartest boy in our group of guys. Very articulate, extremely well-mannered and as honest as they come.

When he first started coming to the group, Daniel didn’t hesitate to rattle off his biblical knowledge. It was to the point of obnoxious, really. You could definitely tell that either he was raised in a Christian school or his parents were diligent in making him memorize his bible verses. This grew old very quick among the rest of the guys, and he slowly began to separate himself during large group throughout the weeks.

Then, his first weekend retreat happened… and he opened up. Continue Reading…

Holy Week 2013

Ben —  March 27, 2013

My entire adolescent life, I had the privilege of watching my older sister pave the path for me and my relationship with my parents by making the sort of choices a stereotypical pastor’s kid would be expected to make. Nowadays she sets the example for army wives of blended families, all while making her home extremely welcoming to all who enter, never turning away even one of the bajillion kids in the neighborhood.

I am so proud to call her my sister, and also so excited to see her start this new journey of sharing her thoughts and experiences of raising a blended family, military life, and ministry on her blog.

She’s all kinds of awesome, go over and show her some love!

holy-bootsWhile this is my first year in full time ministry, it is not my first year experiencing the anticipation of holy week. It is exciting to watch our staff prepare and diligently place the Stations of the Cross throughout our campus. This year, our ministry team asked if our family would participate by providing something of remembrance for the 9th station.


Continue Reading…