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To Xoom or Not To Xoom

Ben —  February 10, 2011 — 23 Comments

One of my goals for the year was to be able publish as a guest on a blog. Well, in my 2nd month I’ve been given the opportunity just to do so over at Geek Rev. Here’s an exerpt:

So you’re in the market to purchase a tablet to help you, you know, with your sermons. You’ve decided you would rather go Android than iOS (gasp!). The next question you have is, do you spend the 6 to 7 bills needed to purchase the flagship XOOM, or do you forgo waiting until it releases later this month, and settle for a lesser tablet now?

Here are some (very) quick thoughts before making your purchase:

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Here on my blog, I use the Standard Theme, a premium WordPress theme that rocks. Back in October I had the privilege of having a burger with John Saddington, of before I rebooted my blog, and before my wife and I made the decision to pursue adoption. Both of which he was a huge inspiration. John, along with the 8Bit team are genuine and they all have a servants heart, and love to help people. They just absolutely rock.

Ok back to Standard. They just announced a special 20% discount on all Standard Theme products, starting now and lasting until Wednesday the 15th.

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I’ve had a Google Voice number for a little over a year I think, now. My best use for it is it’s awesome Android integration, and really being able to use Google Voice’s voicemail instead of Verizon’s and the voicemail transcription just absolutely rocks.

I’m not entirely sure what this really means as far as breaking an existing contract with your current carrier and what-not, but I can definitely say this looks like this is going in the right direction. Continue Reading…

Verizon got it, will you?

Ben —  January 11, 2011 — 6 Comments

I wouldn’t do any of my friends justice, if I didn’t at least voice an opinion on Verizon’s announcement of the iPhone 4 being available for preorder on the 3rd, and in stores on the 10th. Let me explain where I feel they may have missed the boat, once again. Continue Reading…

The Geek in Me

Ben —  January 6, 2011 — 4 Comments

So I’ve decided to create the new category called “Geek Speak.” I find this appropriate to add now being since this is the week of CES.

I’m a long time Verizon customer, and have owned many smartphones from Palm, Windows mobile, and Blackberry. I’m currently in an Android phase with the original Droid being my weapon of choice, I’m rooted and am loving it. I’ve almost converted my entire family to Android and they’re all loving it (so far). So, what am I looking forward to in 2011 as far as mobile devices go? An LTE and/or a nice Tegra 2 Device, such as one of these:

(full Verizon press release here)

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