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Dave Ramsey calls paying off debts smallest to largest as the “snowball effect,” in which you see debts slowly getting paid off, you start getting more excited and more motivated to keep paying more debts off with fire-focus. This “snowball effect,” can turn the opposite way as well. Continue Reading…

Month in Review – March ’11

Ben —  April 1, 2011 — 35 Comments

March. Meh.

3rd month of concentrated, deliberate blogging, and I’ve lost a bit of momentum.  This month has been crazy busy (at work), and Kim and I have definitely dipped into the valleys, but also climbed to the highest peaks. To say this month had it’s ups and downs would be an understatement.

The awesome thing is, we’ve definitely camped out at the peak a little longer than our trip in the valley, and I can’t say that it was without God. He has definitely had a HUGE hand in the events that transpired, even just in the past 2 weeks! Continue Reading…

Goodbye February!

Month number 2 of concentrated, deliberate blogging is in the books. What an awesome month this was for Ben Sayin’ and the community surrounding it. I’ve made a ton of new friends, kept a consistent group of core buds that I absolutely admire for sharing their walks, and… I also accomplished 1 goal I thought was going to take until April, or even June to achieve.

Also, the announcement that we were going to pursue adoption was kind of a big deal for us. Continue Reading…

Here on my blog, I use the Standard Theme, a premium WordPress theme that rocks. Back in October I had the privilege of having a burger with John Saddington, of before I rebooted my blog, and before my wife and I made the decision to pursue adoption. Both of which he was a huge inspiration. John, along with the 8Bit team are genuine and they all have a servants heart, and love to help people. They just absolutely rock.

Ok back to Standard. They just announced a special 20% discount on all Standard Theme products, starting now and lasting until Wednesday the 15th.

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Month in Review – January ’11

Ben —  February 1, 2011 — 17 Comments

January has passed

…and this counts as my first full month of concentrated, deliberate blogging. I started a blog back in 2008, and called it bkfamilyblog. It was your standard family blog, with a post maybe once a week, if that. I used the b2evolution software and it did what I needed it to do. After a year or so, I started getting very frustrated with it and ended up moving to In researching the intarwebbernets, I came across tentblogger and got motivated to write more. Through some encouragement from family and friends, I ended up also purchasing Standard Theme, and moved from our old Family Blog to a more personal blog.

I decided to make a few goals and also track them month-to-month. I also thought that I would probably add a few more goals as I checked off some of the older ones.

So how did I do in the first month of the year of blogging?

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