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Today, for Father’s day I want to do something I’ve done before. Today I want to start something that will run all week, and encourage you to invite others to join. This is a little different from your typical “Happy Father’s Day” post to all you dads out there, but I assure you it is going to be awesome.

As a dad, I always have projects or goals I am working on or striving for. From knocking stuff off the honey-do list, to pursuing adding another child into our family. I’ve found that sometimes without a project or goal I’m trying to achieve, I become stagnant.

I end up not doing anything.

As a father who is continually trying to improve his relationship with his family, and grow as a man, this is not a good place to be and I’m sure many of you are the same way as well. This is why I want to take this week to specifically concentrate on you dads, and the encouragement and support you need for your projects or goals.

Small, and Big.

Both of which encouragement and support is needed. This is a strength within myself that I have recognized, which I need to develop, so what better way to work on this strength than to allow you (as a reader) to be encouraged.
So, for the dads out there, what are you challenging yourself with this season?

What you got going on that’s big?

Please leave a comment below with whatever you have going on that’s big, so that we as a community can lift you up and encourage you to pursue that big thing. Or if you really want to mention your friend who is a dad, your spouse, or even your father who is also pursuing something big, let us know!

If you are having a tough time thinking about something you have going on that’s big, maybe now is the time to start something!

Let me make this clear:

This is a chance for you to brag about your pursuit.

This is something I love to do: encourage.

My hope is that you may send this out to all of the dads out there this week, so they can know to come here to be encouraged.

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  1. Love it. I’m in the process of starting a second company. While continuing to try and get my current company off the ground. Yes, I might be a little (a lot) crazy.

  2. Ben,

    My brother, I am so willing to ‘drive this tanker’.

    My biggest upcoming adventure is to start a House Church here in Bethel, CT. Not just a ‘let’s hang out at House Borsch and chat about Jesus’, but to plant something that will grow as our Father chooses, returning to the purity and simplicity of being followers of The Way.

    There it is.

  3. I have some things that I am praying about doing differently at the church that I pastor. Could definitely use the prayers.

  4. Hybernation in the big city during winter has added a few pounds that I need to get rid off this summer. That’s a big plan. I started OK, but then Valencia introduced me to the “root beer float” and that plan went outside the window. I want to start again. Big plan! Hard work!

    I’m about to start a discipleship course at church. Get rid of pulpit, chairs, sit around round table and do discipleship the “Jesus way”. (we are starting small with a group of 15). It’s a 5 week study, but I’m going to break it down to 10 weeks.

    I may have a connection here in NYC that may be able to get me a job at Google. Not sure yet, but I would love the opportunity if it presented itself. Of course, I would prefer to wait on the Father’s direction than to go to the fiery pit on my own “wisdom”.

    I get to hang out with two cool dudes and their families in a few weeks. Pls pray they don’t kidnap me and chain me in their garages and feed me the leftovers from their dinner tables. (though tri-tip leftovers sounds pretty yummy)

    • “I get to hang out with two cool dudes and their families in a few weeks. Pls pray they don’t kidnap me and chain me in their garages and feed me the leftovers from their dinner tables. (though tri-tip leftovers sounds pretty yummy)”

      Oh, shoot. I must have spilled the beans about Ben and Dustin’s plans for you by accident! My bad! Ben and Dustin: you’re gonna need to go with Plan B, now, you know, the one with wild chickens and the cattle prod. Sorry!


    • You know, Google has a fairly large regional office here in midtown Atlanta. Just sayin’. (Like Ben is sayin’.)

  5. This is awesome!

    Right now I am in the process of starting a business. I quit my job in June to pursue the business full-time. It’s bigger than anything I have done before, but it’s also one of the most fun things I have had the honor to do with God.

  6. I am in the late Fall season of life and my plans are to now enjoy my hobbies more and tie them into my faith. After taking two very huge leaps of faith in my lifetime and two very different careers, its time to enjoy God and let him just use me where-ever. That’s the best part about this age is you are wiser and more willing – less fearful.

  7. Ben,
    This is a good idea. I’ve made some father’s day resolutions again this year, tried to set some specific goals for leading my family spiritually, and to be a better father. You can read my latest post for the details.
    Also big, I’m working on a secret project to encourage men to think about caring for the orphans and fatherless in this world. I’m working on a new site, and by the way, I may want to feature you on it…let me know if you’re interested and I can send you more info.

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