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Ben —  February 16, 2011 — 23 Comments

Just created this the other day, hoping to be able to extend the reach of this blog. Once I get more updates in regards to our mission trip to Venezuela, as well as our journey into¬†adoption we’ll probably add video and pictures there too.

So come on, Click here to “Like” my page and join in on the fun!


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I am married to my wife Kim, and have 3 beautiful children, of which whom teach me how imperfect I am every day but also show me glimpses of HIS unfailing and unconditional love. See more about me here

23 responses to Ben Sayin’s on Facebook!

  1. If I could have double liked I would have.

  2. I was looking for a “love” button. I suppose like will be good enough for now. I guess we are not at that point in our relationship yet Ben? LOL.

  3. Awesome, man. Just became a Like-er!

  4. Ok, I did, I do and I probably always will.

  5. I just liked you. Wow, that sounds weird and I posted an even weirder thing on your fb page. I got a little carried away…

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