Banana Splits, Treasure Box and Potato Farm

Ben —  February 26, 2010 — Leave a comment

Here’s some shots of our fam night, hosted by Kim. (Quality of the photos are sub-par, but hey we had a blast!)

Cheapest banana splits.. ever.


Madi digging in

Kim’s about to snort it up her nose…

Kiss and a special guest

Me not getting to the ice cream fast enough, and settling for a leaf, it was funny at the time. I dunno…

Now for the “treasures” part. I wish I had photos to go along with this, but Kim and I could just not stop laughing. Madi thought it would be funny to push up each of her nostrils and name name them “Treasure Box” and “Potato Farm.”

I know, she’s our daughter, but I don’t care who you are that is funny as all heck!

Asagio, Mozzarella and Sardines for Fam night, oh… and yellow snow
Family night, blessings, and ribs

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