Asagio, Mozzarella and Sardines for Fam night, oh… and yellow snow

Ben —  February 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

This painting was drawn by our lovely Madison. Such an innocent, sweet little girl. We love her to pieces.

Oh, and the yellow snow around the snowman? Our innocent little Madi said he had an accident. Then Kiss said, “Madi, is that YELLOW snow?!!?” To which Madi said, “Yep. Don’t eat it!!!”  *smh*

Tonight, being MY family night we had Ben’s Pizzaria. We made our dough and sauce from scratch, blended mozzarella, asagio, provalone, romano, and parmesan for the cheeses, and pepperoni and mushrooms to top. While the pizza’s were cooking, I had a great idea that could pass the time. I actually borrowed this idea from our good friends Jeff and Christi: We called it “Sardines,” where 1 person hides, and everybody counts and tries to go find them. As each person found the hider, they too tried to hide with them until everybody found them. The last person to find the group was the next designated hider. As usual, Madi won as holding the time record for not being found. I think it took us a whole whoppin 5 minutes to find her (everybody else was 1-3 minutes).  I would have taken a bit longer to find if it weren’t for the cardboard box I was using falling and making a big noise. Oh well, it’s good to let “them” win once in a while… right?

Pizzas were done, Kim’s a fun silly person who photobombed my pizza picture, everybody ate, and everybody lived happily ever after. Now for some sleep, first soccer tournament of the year tomorrow!

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