A day at the GA Aquarium

Ben —  February 15, 2010 — 1 Comment

Kim and I decided last minute to head over to the Georgia Aquarium. With the girls in school, and me having the day off, it made for some perfect time spent with each other. Oh, and also Jack 🙂

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What’s really crazy, is that when we decided that we wanted to go eat lunch, we left the aquarium, and found a Baja Fresh!!! Kim and I used to eat there religiously when we lived in Phoenix, and oddly enough when we went there this past Christmas, we never made it to the restaurant. As we were walking out of the Aquarium and heading towards the CNN center, we looked over on the corner, and BAM there it was. Good eats.

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  1. Dad & I will definitely have to go see this next time we are in Atlanta – stunning!

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