48 Days ~ Days 7-9

Ben —  August 15, 2008 — Leave a comment

A week and a couple of days… all I have to say is WOW! Upstreet was awesome and I am so looking forward to this Sunday. I have a rambunctious group of boys who have so much energy it’s ridiculous. For example, you know it’s a REAL bad thing when all of 4th and 5th grade children come to meet for “Large Group,” and one of your kids yells out “DOG PILE!!!!!” Oh man… What else happened… OH, I had the most awesome interview with ANOTHER company, and it went about 3 hours long. I feel really good about it, and it’s exciting to think of being a part of something great. Without going into too much detail for fear of who just may be reading this, all I can say is the way this opportunity landed in my lap is absolutely amazing. More details once I find out the results next week 🙂 The OTHER interview I had a couple of weeks ago is still “in progress,” and I am just so excited that 2 incredible opportunities have presented themselves. Now, if I get two “offers,” oh man… that would be crazy and I would have to seriously weigh the options, being since both of those would just seem perfect. I do know that one process can take up to 6 MONTHS!!! We’ll see though… So with that being said, I’m going to be stuck on “Day 9” until I find out the results from either of these positions. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying reading “Good to Great,” by Jim Collins. Last but not least. IT’S A BOY!!! Kim and I found out this past Monday that we’re having a boy!!! I sent out links to all of the 49ers garb I could find, LOL. I also convinced my wife to paint the room 49ers Gold which actually is more close to a dark tan, really it doesn’t look bad 🙂 So with that being said, anybody recommend any Father-Son books? Or even Mother-Son books for Kim? I think Meg Meeker’s “Strong Father’s, Strong Daughter’s” book was absolutely incredible, so if you have any recommendations please share!

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