48 Days ~ Days 2-3

Ben —  August 1, 2008 — Leave a comment

Oh Noes the power is out!!! Yesterday (thursday) lightning hit a HUGE tree down the street, knocked down power lines and left my pregnant wife, and 2 daughters at home with no power. I got home from my current J O B around 4pm, to find this:

Oh. My. Gawd. Of course, there was a crew there who let us drive by, to our house…with no power 🙁 Also the news was there to capture it.

So much for trying to focus on my “48 Days,” but I was still able to get a little of studying time done. We even tried to find a hotel around 10:30pm, only to have the power company call us to tell us the power was back up. Saved us $100 that night!
Still, nothing could take away from an awesome FIRST INTERVIEW that I had with what I believe to be now the closest thing to a dream job that I have ever had. This process can take up to several months from what I hear, so we’ll see how this comes along. I gotta tell you though to read a book, then start a workbook like “48 Days,” I feel like I’ve succeeded, even in this first interview. It’s amazing, but I will continue to finish the task, regardless of if I get this job. I can’t believe I was able to grab this interview not 2 days after I read the book. I’m sold. One thing I need to say, if you haven’t done it yet (which I’m sure most of you have), written goals do wonders. It’s said that writing out your goals put’s you in the top 3% of people who have goals and ambition. Crazy.

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