48 Days ~ Day 10

Ben —  September 1, 2008 — Leave a comment

For those of you who I haven’t talked to in the last week or so, here’s some disappointing news. I didn’t receive an offer from either company I interviewed with. Unfortunate, deflating, discouraging, yes. Defeating? No. I was able to grab some insight from one of the employers, who really encouraged me to work on my skill-set. So, I’ll be finishing this book, applying it to New Tour Era, and learning as much as I can so that the NEXT interview I have will just blow that company away!

I’m a big believer in that God is always teaching me, so I have to continue to learn. Although at this moment I really didn’t want to learn anything, other than how to do my NEW job as best I could. Of course that’s not the case, and the hope I have to look forward to is that God has something so incredible, that this would look like not a disappointment, but a stepping stone. In a strange and weird way I feel like I let the people closest to me down, just because it seemed as if EVERYBODY knew about it, and when they asked it would jolt so much excitement out of me that I knew it was rubbing off onto them, and I would see their excitement for me. I’m almost embarrased to tell them, but that’s what God given friends are for right.

Now for day 10 I’m supposed to find 30-40 companies I would like to work for, and according to Dan Miller, statistically I have 15 interviews to get through, before my first job offer. Well that’s 2 down, 13 to go… I have to be grateful for the opportunities that I have had already, the most recent companies attributes are what I’m going to base my search on. Great Leadership (level 4-5 leaders), small but growing steadily (fly-wheel, not doom loop), awesome corporate principles based on Faith (God & Family first), monday through friday work weeks, and a unshakeable vision of the companies future.
Wow, now how do I Google that?!?! Any tips will help, email me!

Now an update on Kim…we keep getting more and more excited about having a boy running around the house. I keep telling her that if she thinks the couch and pillow forts Kiss and Madi are making now are elaborate, just wait!

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